Friday, May 4, 2012

I Feel So Official

Check the URL bar at the top of your screen. Notice something new????

Aawwwyeaaahhh, that's right! is mine!!! No more dashes, no more blogspot, now you can type it in one breath! it sounds so profesh!! Haha but the content remains the same--just my random silly adventures after The most important meal of the day.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to check on the domain and surprise, surprise, it was up for auction! The previous owner forgot to renew the domain! You snooze, you lose, brotha! :P I won the bid last week and today's domain turnover also marks my 7th month in the blogging world. Apir!

Thanks to Blogger's new custom domain services, linking to my GoDaddy account was super easy, and done in less than a minute! Now, it's time to update your bookmarks to! Actually, if you're too lazy, it will automatically redirect from the old dot-blogspot address. :)