Thursday, May 3, 2012

FLOW Weekend in Baler

Last Saturday, PJ and I, together with 30 others, hopped on a bus and headed to Baler, Aurora for the 7th FLOW SurfYogaSamba Weekend.
It was a 6+ hour trip, which began after midnight, so we all slept during the first couple of hours. In the morning, breakfast from Pipino was served:
Tofu Scramble with Potato Pancakes & vegan gravy!
Organic green smoothies from Rawlicious were also passed around. Mine was mixed with bananas and mangoes--so refreshing! When we finally got to Baler, we had delicious tacos for lunch (too hungry for photo) and then these coconut skewers and suman for snacks. All this snacking fueled us for the weekend's activities.
Waves were peeling perfectly for the beginner bunch.
Yoga in the sun early in the morning with Clayton Horton.
{Yoga photos courtesy of Monica Manzano / @SurfYogaSamba}
Sunset samba sessions with Escola de Samba de Manila.
Hanging at the beach with Peej / Kai and his ice cream / PJ's fanpic with Franco!
 More food: Ginataang Paco (local vegetable fern), seasoned fries, and paco again.
 After the action-packed weekend, it was time to bid Baler goodbye. We took front seat at the bus and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Rainbow sunset + new wave hits on the bus + chatty busmates made the long ride superfun.
Congrats to the FLOW team: Monica, Denise and Noelle! With them are the FLOW not-so-baby boys, Santi, Benny, and Kai.

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