Thursday, May 31, 2012

Download: June 2012 Printable Calendar

This week has been nothing less than crazy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my new passport and I find our way to each other this morning. We're all packed for a two-week trip (Singapore - Bicol - Masbate), and I'm all set with my reservations in Singapore's best restaurants. The sucky thing is that I can't get excited about any of it until I have my passport in my hand.

So anyway, how did May go for you? The past month has rekindled my love for teaching (and joining) workshops. There was the Craft Soiree, Crafternoons with DMC, Watercolor Workshops with Rags2Riches, Ombre Hair with Azta Urban Salon, Cooking session with Jen and Kara, Screenprinting workshop at CraftMNL, and the Discover Your Passions Workshop with Lois Yasay of WeAreSoleSisters. And now that summer's over, it's time for me to hit the beach (rebelde)....and then go back to being serious again. Serious as a crafter can get! :P