Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dip-Dyed and Ombre Hair at Azta Urban Salon

In September of 2010, I dreamed of MyLittlePony-colored hair, and sent this e-mail to my buddies Patty and Gin.
 And then I got these replies:
You see, I value my friends' opinions, so I decided to wait until after the wedding was over before I entertained the idea of coloring my hair again. Besides, I was so scared to bleach my hair! Fast-forward to last week: I decided to just do it. I invited some friends who wanted to 'experiment' with me, and we all headed to the Eastwood branch of AZTA Urban Salon -- THE experts in colored hair! I was ready, because I knew that I would be in good hands.
Azta Salon Eastwood is homey, roomy and has really comfortable seats! Our treatment went on the entire afternoon, and my butt didn't complain at all.
When we got there, I was happy to see that their prices are really reasonable. I immediately signed up for additional services: manicure, and a hairspa treatment right after the coloring.
Covered up and ready to go Ombre with Nikki and Nikki! :P
Had two whole platters of vegan lasagna delivered from Pipino! Good thing we had some merienda because the treatment lasted for hours.
My bleached hair!! 
I have no words.
I love this too much.
I was actually considering staying bleached, but I was too excited at the thought of how close I was to my dream mylittlepony hair.
Nikki of NDP
Nikki (Junkstudio) and I decided to dip-dye our tips while (the other) Nikki stayed Ombre and curlier than evahhh. After a hair spa treatment, they curled my tips, too!

Ah, here, better lighting to see the colors. I describe it as... "it's colored, but life goes on." I'm happy it's not the showstopping kind of color, and that I can pull it off even when I have client meetings. Visited my friend Jasmine at their condo and she braided my hair. They actually dyed mine 2 colors: Red highlights (which turned to pink), left out some strands of bleached hair for more highlights, and then colored the rest of it purple.
The two Nikkis' hair
Special thanks to Meg Lachica of Azta Urban Salon, and to the entire branch of Azta Eastwood for accommodating us that afternoon!

Eastwood Branch
2/F Eastwood CityWalk
Eastwood City, E. Rodriguez Ave, Quezon City
(02) 6876527