Thursday, May 31, 2012

Download: June 2012 Printable Calendar

This week has been nothing less than crazy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my new passport and I find our way to each other this morning. We're all packed for a two-week trip (Singapore - Bicol - Masbate), and I'm all set with my reservations in Singapore's best restaurants. The sucky thing is that I can't get excited about any of it until I have my passport in my hand.

So anyway, how did May go for you? The past month has rekindled my love for teaching (and joining) workshops. There was the Craft Soiree, Crafternoons with DMC, Watercolor Workshops with Rags2Riches, Ombre Hair with Azta Urban Salon, Cooking session with Jen and Kara, Screenprinting workshop at CraftMNL, and the Discover Your Passions Workshop with Lois Yasay of WeAreSoleSisters. And now that summer's over, it's time for me to hit the beach (rebelde)....and then go back to being serious again. Serious as a crafter can get! :P

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday7: Friends, Food & Finding Your Passion

...dahil feeling ko, Sunday today.

ONEIn exchange for a one-on-one bracelet crafternoon, Tita Didith gave me and PJ a Crepe Cake! The 20 layers of superthin crepes is surprisingly light. Whoever invented this should be given an award.

TWOColor Theory & Watercolor Workshop with the Rags2Riches Nanays.

THREEMerienda-to-dinner date with Muffin, and we both happened to be wearing our pink Suelas!

FOURCongrats to our friends Niño (of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine) and Cassie!
Their supercute babygirl Chiara was christened last Saturday.

FIVESpotted this listing of Pipino in the 2011 VegHaven book. I just don't know why it's listed under Chinese/Japanese cuisine, haha. Anyway, a free ad is a free ad! :P

SIXVegfood highlights: My fave vegetable fajitas at Chili's; Malunggay pesto pasta from Halo at CubaoX; and yummy rainbow quinoa and rice noodle dishes prepared by Marie/KitchenRevolution at the YummyEats event. I got to take home two whole boxes! :)

SEVENOn Sunday morning, PJ and I attended (WeAreSoleSisters) Lois Yasay's Discover Your Passion Workshop. Identifying your passions in one thing, and prioritizing them is another. I love making lists, so I enjoyed this workshop a lot, hehe. To say the very least, Lois helped me organize my life in under 3 hours, and her process has helped me (and all of us) identify what truly matters most to each one of us. Excited to collabo with her on future workshops! :)

I am thankful for another great week. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Crafternoon in Singapore?

I'll be in Singapore this June! Any crafters over there? Maybe we can meet up for a summer crafternoon! Email me your thoughts: :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nic's NYC Dinner at Pipino

When Patty suggested that we throw Nicole a birthday party, I took the opportunity to create another themed birthday party! Even if I had just half a day to execute, I was able to finish all the crafty details because I was so inspired by the theme!

Last night, I recreated one of Nic's happiest places: New York City! (Well, it's my happy place, too, so it wasn't that hard, haha!) Chef Edward prepared a delicious 5-course family-style dinner at Pipino for the girls and we ate and chatted and laughed the night away. Happiest birthday to the hottest mom-to-be, Nicole!
Printed out a Subway sign themed banner and made party hats using NYC maps!
The one with the pompom's for the birthday girl!
 I-Heart-NIC Gocco-stamped on canvas totebags.
I lovelovelove Gocco! I did these in under 30 minutes!Inside the totebags: Yummy taro chips and vegan bagoong for all the guests.
The birthday girl, who arrived at Pipino before any of us! :P
Kelly and Bianca's first mission upon arriving in Pipino:
choose cupcakes for takehome!

And now, time for dinner! Chef Edward Bugia served us all the dishes himself!Pipino's vegan version of cuban corn (channeling Cafe Habana!), which is even more delicious when smothered with cashew cheese!
Wicked Walnut Salad with dalandan balsamic dressing.
Watermelon Steak with Taro Mash, Pickled Shiitake, and Asparagus with vegan aioli.
Spicy tofu and Pasta Puttanesca.

Then, the best part of the meal: dessert! This is Chef Ed's special Pipino birthday cake-- our signature moist chocolate cake with a twist: raspberry filling and candied walnuts all over!
Happy birthday, Nicole!PJ helped me cut out these toppers! :)

Photoshoot madness: balancing the hats on our headsI forgot my camera at home so I used my phone to take pics. Thanks to Patty for sending me photos, too!
Patty, Bianca, Meryll, me, Kelly and Nicole.
'Til the next themed party! :P

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Screen Printing Workshop at CraftMNL

What's great about other (international) design-cities is the abundance of studio workshops, design seminars and short courses about anything and everything you can possibly think of. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to search the area for classes that I can sign up for. Throughout my trips, I've taken so many random courses: print production, silver clay jewelry, polyester crimping, cooking, vegan nutrition -- all the way from Asia to America.

Lucky for us, CraftMNL has opened its doors in The Collective (Malugay St, Makati) for those who want to learn a new skill or two, or for those who want to commune with other crafty souls. It's Manila's very own workshop wonderland, headed by owners Marielle and Lex.

I headed there last Monday to join the Behind The Screens class, which was instructed by the duo of Hocus (the bike shop next door), Andrei and Sheina. (That's them on the left, both in red.) Upon arriving in the studio, we were instructed to draw our designs on tracing paper.
 This was my design: I used a crayon-pen to draw it.
 Andrei showed us how to make our own screens, and then how to add the solution.
 When all designs were done, it was time to transfer them to the screens. We exposed each design for about a minute and a half, and then rinsed off the residue.Once dry, it was squeegee time!
My test print on canvas.
I'm happy with the gradient effect created by my crayon shading.
I brought some blank canvas totes with me and printed them to make grocery bags.

To learn more about CraftMNL's upcoming workshops, visit their Facebook Page!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Watercolor Workshop at R2R

I've been teaching crafts since I was in high school, but this watercolor workshop at Rags2Riches was my first time to actually teach any form of fine art. I never had formal training in watercolor, so I focused on what I knew best: making patterns. This was to be the first among an entire series of workshops and craft days for the staff and the nanays, to help develop their creative side and hone new skills.
Personally, I prefer using potted / dry watercolor set, but for workshop (and sharing) purposes, we used this 18-color Pebeo set. We began the class with an intro to Color Theory, and I taught how to choose color combinations for the 'non-creative' eye.
We started with the basics and learning about different kinds of washes and ways to hold the brush.
After a quick break, we played with brush strokes and made patterns... while watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl on the projector. Haha, how fun!
R2R's Prez Reese with her work!
Class pic with the pretty ladies of Rags2Riches!
Later that afternoon, we had another creative meeting, this time with Patty, for the newest bag designs. Fun, fun day!


My next workshop will be on
Wednesday, May 23
2-4 pm at DMC Megamall
(Basement Level, Building A)
and I'll be teaching how to make
Rope and Thread Necklaces

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday7: Craft Inspiration & Other Randomness

ONELearned how to do a fishtail braid on myself, and then decided to make a metallic fishtail bracelet last night while waiting for Peej to arrive from his out-of-town worktrip. Finished the bracelet off with a tassel at the end (versus chopping it off clean) for some pompomspunk.

TWOI never really believed in the retrograde theories, until these past few weeks when so many car accidents (and unfortunate deaths) happened, and until my laptop practically jumped out of my hands and hit the corner of my dresser like magic. Wow. My LCD cracked from behind, and I am waiting for my emotions to subside before I decide on what to do next. I really am so rational in the midst of heart breaks. Haha.

THREEOn a happier note, I got some Neon loot from my Titas Florian and Ditas, who arrived from the States this week: Neon Salmon (?) soft cotton tee from & Neon Orange Baggu, both from JCrew; Neon Pink short shorts from Mossimo; Neon nail file and mint green polish (on loan); and the Chartreuse sweater I got from F21 when I went out to lunch with them yesterday. Now, my cousin Noelle and I are planning to throw a neon party.

FOURWhile sitting in traffic along EDSA, I noticed that nakikiuso si Dusit Thani sa Ombre trend. How cute. Used this photo as color inspiration for my current mani: Ombre-Orange!

Random merienda at home this week: ginataan, and organic chocolate covered goji berries, which fixes your chocolate craving with just a bite or two.

SIXFriday night dinner at High Street with Elaine, Paul, Mark, and our inaanak Mio.

Here's surfer boy Kai showing off his skateboarding skills (while singing Puff the Magic Dragon). What a hippie baby. Haha!

Enjoy your Sunday with your loved ones! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

ORLY's Summer of Love

It had been a while since Patty and I went out of town together, so we jumped on the opportunity to take a break from work and (Patty's) wedding planning in exchange for day of pampering and bonding at Pico de Loro for the launch of Orly's Feel The Vibe summer collection.

Last Thursday, we met up with bloggers and members of the media at the Hamilo Coast showroom in Mall of Asia, and after some breakfast, hopped on a comfy deluxe bus that took us straight to the resort in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Bagong-gising Bus BuddiesUpon arriving, we checked into Pico Sands Hotel, freshened up, and then had some lunch.
In the afternoon, we all gathered at the Beach Club for a mani-pedi afternoon and some snacks. It was great to meet and chat with the other guests while waiting for our turn to get our nails done.
Donna welcomed us, presented the videos, and then later on handed out goodie bags with Orly nail polish!!
Patty, me, Bianca and Ronna
Looooove the neon + white!!
I attempted to do marbled nails. Ran out of time because we had to leave for the property tour.

It had been a long day, so when we got back to the hotel, Patty and I decided we both needed a drink... but we are both corny and sober, so here we are with our milo-dinosaur shakes! Haha! :P Fun fun yum yum.
Since I didn't finish my marbled nails, I decided to change my 'theme' altogether, and used my nail polish loot, "After Party". I am in love with this shade of glittery midnight blue.

Feel The Vibe is Orly's summer 2012 collection, showcasing six gorgeous neons:
Beach Cruiser (Fuschia Neon), Skinny Dip (Azure Neon), Day Glow (Pearl White Creme), After Party (Midnight Blue Shimmer), Melt Your Popsicle (Orange Neon), and Glow Stick (Yellow Neon)

Each one is available for P349.75 at the following stores:
Purebeauty Store | First Aid Greenbelt | PCX [Rockwell, Ermita, Alabang Town Center] | Watsons [Greenbelt 5, Ayala Cebu] | Beauty by SM [ Makati, Megamall, Fairview] | Landmark Trinoma | Beauty Cocktails | Robinsons Department Store [Ermita, Galleria]

I want all the colors!!!