Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Visit to the Floating Book Fair

We were lucky enough to catch the MV LogosHope Book Fair
on its second to the last day in Subic.
The ship carries 5,000 book titles and is serviced by volunteers of over 45 different nationalities. The organization's mission is to bring knowledge, help and hope to people around the world. A simple goal, but done in such a unique and creative way so that it gets people's attention!
The book fair section is a giant U circling the ship.
There are interactive walkthroughs for kids to enjoy.
At the end of the walkthrough, there's an International Cafe where guests can enjoy snacks and sweets.
I got these books! Calligraphy and some home gardening and cleaning books.
1 unit = 1 peso.

According to the website, the LogosHope ship doesn't leave the Philippines until June, but is currently docked in Subic Bay shipyards work project.

Visit www.logoshope.org for more information.