Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today is Another Dream-Come-True.

I've been doing crafts since I was a kid, and when I met Martha Stewart (I mean, when I was introduced to her magazines and entire craft empire), I knew then that my life had purpose. (Ha-ha, drama.) I have always dreamed of becoming one of her craft minions, because I thought that would be the only way to get published in that magazine.

On many late nights cutting and glue-ing our little save-the-dates and box dolls during wedding planning, I would half-joke to PJ that all I really cared about was to be featured in a Martha Stewart magazine. I wanted to have a goal, even if it was a pretend goal, just to push myself to stand my crafty decisions and to not get lost in the paper mess I had gotten myself (us) into. You see, you do D-I-Y for intimate weddings, maybe for 150 guests like those cute weddings we all see featured by wedding bloggers in the US. But, that time, we were attempting a D-I-Y wedding for 500 guests, including a 54-person bridal party. Crazy, I know. But these crafty things (obviously) matter so much to me, and PJ supported me on that, and our wedding turned out to be our craftiest collaboration to date.

When the Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines editors picked up on our wedding stuff, and asked me if they could feature our wedding in their magazine, I totally squealed with kilig! Today, I finally got a copy of this season's issue where we are featured in not one, but three full pages!

Thanks to Liz Yap for the feature, and to Em Somera for writing the article.
Thanks to Ryan Fernandez (who I finally got to meet yesterday at Pipino) for including our Visayas Adventure in this Honeymoon feature! 
Do grab a copy of this season's Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines to see more beautiful weddings and honeymoon ideas! :)