Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday7: Pies, Muffins and The Universe's Message

ONEEvery time I go to the Banawe Beancurd Center, I pray that they still have some Pumpkin Pie left. This pie is so delicious that you'll keep munching and will have finished it before you can decide whether it's classified under savory or sweet. My next challenge: to make a vegan version of this!

TWOOn Friday, I got bumped off my early flight to Cebu. And when a morning starts of horrible as that, any minor mishap on top of it can easily make you cry. Well, I didn't exactly cry, but this did hurt like hell: somewhere in between dropping and picking up my luggages, I tore the top part of my nail. Arouch. I tried to salvage it (to avoid exposing the "raw" skin under it) with some tape from the PAL ticket counter. Special shout out to Elaine for booking a flight for me last minute.

THREEWhen you feel down, you frown, shoulders automatically droop, and you lower your head. This was literally at my feet when my eyes met the floor. Here was the universe telling me to be patient. And from then on, I trusted in God's plan for me for that day.

FOURThis was the cheapest and earliest available flight, so it was practically screaming, "Book me!". I checked in my phone and laptop chargers, but good thing the plane had a USB drive so I was able to charge my phone! Neato.

FIVEI'd like to believe that this is also a sign that I am doing something good and worthwhile. I brought a copy of Preview's April 2012 issue on this trip not knowing that this blog is featured in the magazine! Yay! :) 

SIXWhat do you do to battle 38-degree weather in Manila? As much as I can, I work in the resto, which thankfully has very cool airconditioning. And I indulge in my favorite coconut muffin with coconut ice cream. If your work is mobile, or if you have nothing to do in the afternoons, feel free to join me at Pipino!

SEVENSince it's Earth Day today, please read this article on how going veg can help reduce your carbon footprint as much as (or even more than) planting trees can.

Today marks the 2nd year since we first introduced Pipino as a 6-item line in Pino's menu. We started off with the veg curry, eggplant tofu miso, veg tempura, chocolate cake and some fruit shakes.  To celebrate Earth Day, we're giving away our newest yummy and fluffy Banana Chia Muffins to every single guest who dines at Pipino today (April 22). Call (02) 4411773 to reserve a table at Pipino!

Happy Earth Day Sunday! :)