Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday7: Old and New

ONE.Old Favorite: Pho Bac.
Lunch with Dianne in Galleria, day after the shootout. Inside the mall, everything seemed normal. But got a shot of the crime scene outside, where it was still a bit chaotic. On the left photo is whatever's left of my vegetarian banh mi, and a huge half serving of pho.

TWO.New carseat upholstery.
Shorts + a thick sweater: this is my battlegear for weather that can't seem to make up its mind. Denim on denim means I am too lazy to think.

THREE.Old notepad.
There is some sense of satisfaction when I finish an entire pad of paper (this one, in 3 months). I use Grade4 paper because the size is just perfect. The pad just looks so gross, and I'm a bit ashamed to write on it when I meet with clients. DIY idea: fabric notepad case! Maybe over the coming holidays.

FOUR.New logo.
for Torch Candles. I love their products and their home accessories!

FIVE.New Discovery.
Dark chocolate malt balls in the Cacao stand in SM Megamall. Do they have other branches? Gin and I were hovering over their sweets for the longest time because we couldn't decide on what to get. These chocolate balls are loooove.

SIX.New aztec ring. New chambray shirt with matte silver buttons.
Chambray would be my uniform, if ever I needed one.

SEVEN.New Project.
Visited Marielle and Lex at their lovely new space in The Collective. Craft MNL will open its doors this summer, right next to Hocus, the bike shop. So many inspiring ideas were born over (special delivery) Wabi-Sabi dinner. I am all banh-mi'd out.

Enjoy your Palm Sunday!