Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday 7: Little Creatures

ONELittle paper elephants for BJ & Dianne's anniversary dinner

TWOCute graffiti along EDSA/Balintawak

THREETaking Back Sunday's first lunch in Manila at Pino :)

FOURMioFightsCancer at the Kiddopreneur bazaar. Re-launched StARTwithMio artworks as collectible notebooks (3 for P250) and magnetic bottle opener buttons (P100 each). All proceeds go to the last 4 months of Mio's chemo! Lezzzz do this.

FIVEHow can something cute be so wrong? Painted chicks. If you are a parent and have a child begging for one of these chicks, please PLEASE don't give in. Explain to your child that these chicks are babies and they belong to their mommies/daddies. I asked the sellers how many chicks they brought to the bazaar, and the kids shouted, "300!" OMG. 300 poor little chicks were spray painted (poor chicks! even their beaks were colored...and really, how do you tell a chick "Close your eyes! Paint's coming!") and will eventually die under the care of their owners. I dare you to show me one of these chicks when they've grown into chickens! Orange chickens...literal!

SIXLittle Kai, the vegetarian warrior is MAD. For all those little chicks!
Haha, not really. But I'm sure he would be if he found out about them! We visited Noey and Kai at their house one random afternoon.

SEVENI like people who cook, but I LOOOOVE friends who cook for me. Thank you to Dar (and Tring!) for this specially prepared vegan plate at JP & Tring's pizza party bash. I had vegan deardarla-ish pizza rolls! :) awwwwes.

I hope you had a great week! :)