Monday, April 9, 2012

The New BRGR Project

BRGR The Burger Project at 122 Maginhawa took a holy week break and reopened yesterday with brand-spankin'-new interiors! We were out of town during the renovation period last week, so we were so anxious and excited to see the outcome (PJ's hands were sweating the entire drive going there, hehe). We're really happy with how it looks, and we hope Burger Project's regulars will appreciate the upgrade!

Read on to see more photos of the restaurant's facelift.
There's new platform flooring for the outdoor seating area. Heart wooden planks!
And the outdoor ceiling is layered with BRGR ingredients! 
My only concern: WHY is there a :/ face next to the word vegetables??? HARUMPH!!! I'm gonna sneak into the resto one night and scrape that off. Haha! :P
Before entering the restaurant, you'll be greeted by these vinyl-sticker-steps for ordering your BRGR. The Burger Project is part of the Pino group of restaurants. I designed their logo, graphics, signages, tentcards, these steps, and their checklist menu.
Hello, sexy sleek counter, cleaner chalkboards (that PJ still has to write on),
 and clutter-free cabinets.
The BRGR Project new interiors break it down for you: How to make your own burger?
choose your own BRGR + bun + cheese + toppings + sauces
 The checklist menu, milkshakes tentcard,
and my tofu brgr w/ caramelized onions & vegan oatmeal bun.

BRGR The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Open 11am to 12mn (Mon-Sat) and 9am-12mn (Sundays)