Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday, Patty!

Like I told Patty this morning, going out and party-ing is so two-thousand!! You know, circa days. (Haha I'm just saying that cos I think the last time I uploaded "funpics" was in multiply pa.) In the twenty-tens, craft clubs and handmade parties are IT! If there is one thing that I promote in this blog, it's that being a lola in your twenties can be cool! Hey, even if we're lolas, we can stay up all night, too. It's just that istead of tugs-tugs-tugs, we cut, stitch, and glue! Aba!!! Don't laugh at us old ladies!!! We make the world (and birthday parties) a prettier place.

We threw a (semi)surprise birthday dinner for Patty's 29th at Beso Cucina Vinoteka at BGC. She thought that it would just be a small dinner with me, Muffin and Kat. But since Kat and I couldn't make it to her baking party yesterday, we decided to surprise Patty on her actual birthday and invited around 16 of her closest friends. Pat was also out of town, so we made it an all-girls dinner!
Beso serves Spanish food so we thought of adding some Spanish-themed decors to the table. I made these banderitas and piƱata-typography!Here's how I made it: cut out letters using old boxes and form 3D boxes. I finally put my gold crepe paper stock to use and cut them in strips & fringed them. Wrapped the 3D paper box letters from the bottom up.
Lolas make paper cut-out banderitas.
My craft partner in crime for the night, Kat, the youngest lola, who made these giant paper flowers for the table centerpiece and crimped them by rolling the paper on a pencil.
Lolas bring their own accessories to spruce up tables in a restaurant.
Lolas like me make flower pompoms in the car (on the way to fort!) to add to Kat's centerpiece.
Lola Gel of SwellSweets made this super cute doily/lace inspired cake that goes perfectly with our crafty Spanish theme for the night. Angel is also a true lola because she texted that she was going home early even before the party had started. Yan naman! Haha :P
 We stuffed 29 lola candles on the top tier of the cake.
Lolas bake their own cakes and eat it, too!
The bestest friends I hope to have until we are real lolas:
Noelle, birthday girl Patty, Muffin and Gin.
Happy birthday, kapateeeeed!!! :)