Friday, April 27, 2012

Fill up our Goodie Bags & Join the Bracelet Workshop!

I'm so excited for this! The Craft Soirée really is happening! From a crazy daydream, it's all starting to come together. Right now, we're on the hunt for businesses, brands, and fellow crafters who are interested in promoting their products, all of which will go to the Crafters' Goodie Bags. 

The first part of the Craft Soirée is a closed-door event for 16 pre-selected crafters, and after lunch, we're opening the event so you can join us in a Bracelet-Making Crafternoon with DMC! Remember the first Nail Art Crafternoon I posted before? It's just like that: a relaxed hangout with fellow crafters, but this time, we're making bracelets!! :)
The Bracelet-Making Crafternoon is open to crafters of any level (from beginner to advanced). Awards will be given to the best works. You'll also get to meet the sixteen crafters who are participating in the Craft Exchange!

This is a Crafternoon, meaning it is an opportunity to create crafts together; it is not a workshop, and there will be no instructions given. The event is FREE; all you have to do is sign up! Limited slots are available, so if you'd like to join, email your full name, mobile number, and your crafting story (what crafts you make, and why you like to do crafts) to / Subject: Bracelets Crafternoon.

It's time for crafters to come out of their crafty shells! :P

I'll be posting the schedule of other Craft Soirée/Crafternoon workshops soon!