Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Vegetarian Dishes

Two of Pipino's dishes makes it to the list of Inquirer's list of Best Vegetarian Dishes in the Philippines! :)
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I am grateful for all the times Pipino has been featured in magazines, newspapers, tv shows, radio and blogs, but this one means a lot to me because 1) they asked real vegetarians (not us!) what their favorite veggie meals in the metro are. And 2) these two dishes are my own recipes!!! I'm no chef, but I love experimenting and vegan-izing dishes. These two dishes below are my favorites, too, and are actually the first dishes I experimented with for Pipino. I'm happy to know that fellow vegetarians agree with my tastebuds! ;P
Eggplant Tofu Miso with brown rice
Cheese-less Vegan Lasagna

Pipino is at 39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City.
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