Monday, March 12, 2012

Zambales Weekend

Muffin, Don, PJ & I spent the weekend in Zambales. We drove early out on Saturday morning and went straight to Pundakit, San Antonio (land of my favorite surf break) and hopped on a tiny boat to get to Anawangin. What used to be a secret place is now flocked by daytrippers and campers, but it's still magical as ever, with (even more) pine trees lining up the beach stretch. We ate, slept, ate, swam and laughed the entire weekend away. This is how we welcomed summer. :)

letting the saltwater wash the city's worries away
stare at this picture long enough, and i bet you'll feel sleepy, too
dusk, back at the mainland.
beach typography: mini pinecones, pine leaves and dried twigs
monochromatic mountains on the ride home