Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday: Work & Play

While Peej was on another business trip this week, work kept me occupied most of the time as I hopped from meetings to printer errands and spent afternoons and evenings with friends to help keep me sane. The days were long, but looking back, it actually feels like the week went by so fast.

There was a time in my life when I used to go out every single night, and this week sort of reminded me of that--and how I don't want to go back to that life anytime soon. Although my new workstation makes me a hundred times more efficient, my mornings just get out of whack with lack of sleep. Either that, or I totally skip out on my most efficient working hours of the day by oversleeping. But since I can't live without my friends, I'll still make an effort to go out, although maybe I'll stick to daytime meetups and early dinners. When I'm out late and you see me yawning, don't judge. Just remember my workdays begin at 5:30 in the morning.

Ahh but today is Sunday, so enough of that. I wish I could post on my Sunday CraftDay Challenge, but I am only just about to begin with that. So instead, here are some highlights of the week that came and went:

ONEThe day after Top Chef Paul Qui's dinner at Pino, Chef Ed texted me that they were going to have lunch with him at Nomama. I rushed my day's deadlines and made it just in time to order some mushroom gyoza for late lunch before the restaurant closed for their 2-5pm break.

TWOYesterday was the last day of Citem's semi-annual Manila FAME design fair. After the morning meetings, I picked up Clems and we spent the afternoon at SMX to check out all the beautiful Philippine-made products at the expo. The last couple of days of the event are always more fun because exhibitors sell some of their merchandise. I got this boomerang-ish electroplated wood necklace from Le Cherie, which is actually one of my favorite jewelry stores in Cebu!

THREEIt's a gold horseshoe ring!
Another one of the many goodies I took home from Manila FAME.

FOURMy mom has been working in the hotel industry for so long now, and I practically grew up in her hotels (first haircut, first dentist, birthday parties, etc.), so when you say 'comfort food', I think: hotel food. Haha, ang arte ba? Before picking up PJ at the airport, Clems, Jas and I killed some time, charged our dying phone batteries (blame DrawSome!) and people-watched at Le Bar over soup, salad, and my favorite "hotel french fries".

FIVEThis morning, I woke up to the coolest thing: I can now say that I'm a published photographer...Without being a REAL photographer! Haha! Check your daily broadsheet for the Magnum special insert and you'll see some of my photos there (with my name!) Thanks again to the Magnum Team! And thanks to my beautiful camera as well. :P

Hope you have a happy and restful Sunday with your loved ones! :)