Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday7: The First Week of March

ONE.The summer craft book project with Macy & Mikko is almost done! :)
I'm so excited to see the finished product.

TWO.My make-your-own-10thFloor-snack at Sofitel's Club Millesime. I love buffets because you can mix and match condiments and dressings. When the chef found out I was veg, he sent out a plate of roasted vegetables, which included delicious mushrooms and tomatoes. I stuffed them in a pumkin seed bun and added some horseradish and mustard.

THREE.March 3 was officially the first day of summer, with temp reaching 34 degrees C!

FOUR. I spent the morning by the pool and my white tat saw some sunshine.

Goodies from Amazon have arrived, thanks to Tita Florian!

FIVE.On the left is my first (empty) bottle of Monoi de Tahiti, given by my cousin Tiffany from France. On the right is the new bottle I bought online. Best tanning oil I've ever tried!

SIX.A box of vegan chocolate chip cookies from WholeFoods, which I'm willing to share.
Holler if you want some ;)

SEVEN.My silver has arrived! Time to make accessories again! :)
My summer resolution: to have regular craft sessions, whether alone or with friends.