Friday, March 16, 2012

The Magnum Launch Party

If you're on any social media network, your news feed in the past couple of weeks was probably flooded by posts and tweets of people craving for and raving about the Magnum ice cream bar. Magnum's been around for years, and to the delight of many Filipinos, it has finally landed on our tropical shores, logically where ice cream should belong.

Jasmine and I worked on some projects with the Magnum team, so we knew this party was gonna be huge. On Wednesday, we headed to Whitespace in Makati to witness the grand launch of this phenomenal Belgian chocolate-covered ice cream bar (and for someone who only eats ice cream once in a blue moon, I really mean that!).

We were greeted by the giant Magnum M. Photographers lined up along the super long red carpet.Whatever was going on outside was streaming live on the huge screens inside the party area.
Jasmine with Magnum Brand Manager Jean Madrid, and with partner Clems.
The party was packed!!
I was getting sleepy because it was past my lola bedtime, but good thing Techyromantics was playing. Love their music! That's shiny shimmering Camille Besinga!
Our attemp to document our gimik-out. Blue lighting = smurf-y pics. Haha.
Bumped into college buddy Bianca G! 
And on the table to our right, Andi Eigenmann and Kim Chiu.
Chef Edward with the Selecta Ice Cream Chefs!

And then it begins...All three wide screens projected the Selecta and Magnum stories, and then models came out with Magnum bars.
Brand Ambassador and Creative Consultant for the Magnum Launch, Raymond Gutierrez 
Brand Ambassadors Tessa Valdez, Erwan Heussaff, Liz Uy, and Rajo Laurel
The star of the show (next to the ice cream bar), Solenn Heussaff how you launch a product. Congratulations to the Magnum Team!