Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bread Bag Pandesal Bar

Ask any Filipino who is now living in another country, and I'm pretty sure that they will say good ol' pan de sal is one thing that they truly miss. Freshly baked, toasty warm, chewy comfort in a cute little bread roll. Carb lovers in the Philippines are lucky (and could be the reason!) for the rise in the pan de sal kiosk industry in the country, but have never been happier now that the ORIGINAL CASA MARCOS PANDESAL is back. What? You didn't know that?! They're right in Ortigas Home Depot, at Bread Bag Pandesal Bar. I visited the place yesterday for an afternoon snack with my friend Muffin.

The original owners' grandson, (Muffin's big bro) Jigger partnered with his friend Kevin, and together they have raised the pandesal bar in the country. Fostered in the Casa Marcos tradition, Bread bag offers a variety of sandwiches with fillings that are common to Pinoys, such as Adobo and Sardines. The bread is pugon-baked in the kitchen, and can be bought in regular or miniature sizes, by piece or by the dozen.

Bread Bag Pandesal Bar is located in Ortigas Home Depot along Julia Vargas St.
The backbone of the business is the original Casa Marcos Pandesal, the recipe of which has been with the Del Rosario family for many years.
 We ordered a basket of mini pandesal...
...and paired it with yummy Mushroom Adobo from the Casa Marcos menu, which can be ordered there, too! (Casa Marcos' main restaurant is at Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City.)
Bread Bag favorites include Chicken Mushroom and Pan ala Cubana fillings.
I had the Kesong Puti and Pesto pandesal sandwich. Best paired with their crispy camote chips!

Writings on the wall: my grade school (bopis!) friend Danica is a frequent customer.
 This work week (like all the weeks of February) has been the craziest, and I have to thank Muffin because this midweek afternoon break has kept me sane.

Aaaaand look here; today is your lucky day! Bread Bag is offering the perfect summer sandwich deal. Get 3 sandwiches for the price of two! Bring along third wheel, or a very hungry date! Best to buy now and stock up for maximum summer savings. Hurry, because the deal is almost ending. Sandwiches can be redeemed at the resto from March until June.

But if you can't wait, of course you can head over there now!
Or, call them and enjoy Bread Bag sandwiches in the comfort of your own homes.


Unit 20-A/B
Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas St., Pasig

F121 Forbeswood Heights
Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig