Thursday, March 22, 2012

3rd Leap: My Feng Shui Reading

Remember my post about taking 29 Leaps? The third one was:

3. Expose yourself to a different kind of religion or belief.

A few weeks ago, I worked on a shoot with one of my former Art Adventures teacher, Chinky, who is now a makeup artist. Over lunch, she shared her interest as a semi-newbie practicing feng shui. I was so intrigued on how she claimed it improved her personal business and her boyfriend's business, with just a few minor tweaks in their logo's color and shape. I was actually sold on the whole idea of incorporating "good luck" into graphic design! :P

I would always roll my eyes at the thought of incorporating feng shui in your life, and like what PJ always says, "Mas magaling si God!" True. But I wanted to learn more about it, so I asked Chinky to set up a meeting with her feng shui expert. On the day of my reading, I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect! Here are some of my 'learnings' from that afternoon.

The first thing the FS expert asked me when we met was what I did for living.
I said I was a graphic designer and that I run a vegetarian restaurant.She started the session by saying this: Feng Shui is NOT hula.
I breathed a sigh of relief. (What the hell was I thinking anyway?)
FS is the art of placement, because it is ancient asian belief that energy moves through wind (feng) and water (shui). She compared it to a fish being taken out of water, and trying to survive; to swimming against the current vs. going with the flow. Feng Shui is supposed to tell you where you should place yourself to make your life easier.

Prior to our meeting, she asked for my whole name, birthdate, birthplace and time of birth. Thank God for responsible Mommy who wrote all this information on my baby book! I think the charts have a lot to do with the time of birth, and without it, you won't get a very accurate reading.Gibberish.
More FS jargon. Haha!
The only thing I remembered from what she said about this was that Libra was very strong in my sign.

She also showed how parallel western and eastern astrology are.
Ahh, finally, human words. She gave me this "lucky and unlucky list", and we also discussed which jobs would be best for me. There's Creative Work at #1! *happy dance*
I guess it was a relatively "easy" reading for me because I don't have to change much in my work life. And she said that when I'm working, I should wear pastel colors.
 Another interesting thing is this life cycle (which is also based on the date and time of birth). I am guessing this is an interpretation of the planetary positions?
 And one of the last things we touched on was this: aside from family, my security in life is Education. Whenever I am stressed, this is my therapy. And it's so true! I run to the nearest bookstore when I am sad. Learning about new things is my life's passion. I have more how-to books than fiction in my library. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to attend a class or workshop wherever I am. It's such a random revelation, but so spot on.
Generally, it was interesting to understand what FS really is all about. What I liked most about the whole experience was that she said you don't have to use those expensive 'feng shui cures' that you buy in stores, and can instead make use of available elements, or better yet, put yourself in a better "position" so that you don't have to use those cures at all. This reading will be great for those people who want a shortcut to knowing what career path to take. But of course, try to understand it as a whole, with an open mind, and don't turn it into a religion! ;)