Friday, March 30, 2012

Work is Always Fun

(too-busy-for-words Friday)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Crafternoon: Nail Art Party!

I nail-partied with my friends yesterday
for the first ever Life-After-Breakfast summer crafternoon!
The event was sponsored by Orly, Wet n Wild and LA Colors, and was held at Pipino.
Love love love their nail polish. Orly is free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toulene.
No harsh chemicals! I especially love the artist series, with thinner brush tips!
Thanks to friends who came!
Mikko, Noelle, Marielle, Donna, Denisse, Muffin, Joan and Macy
Mikko marbling her nails
I did tribal/aztec nails or whatever you wanna call them. Started with a with a white base and then filled in each nail with different colors and patterns. So much fun! I love how the artist series brushes are super fine and easy to control!
Below are everyone's works of art:
Awards were given to the best designs!
More nail polish loot to take home!
It was a super fun crafternoon of good food (yummy mac n cheese!) and great company. Everyone took home a bag of taro chips from Pipino and Wet n' Wild nail polish! :)


Throw your own Nail Art Party this summer!!

What you'll need:

- cotton balls
- cuticle pushers/sticks
- nail polish remover
- cups
- tissue
- friends & food

and of course

lots of Nail Polish!!


ORLY is available at
Purebeauty Store
First Aid Greenbelt
PCX (Rockwell, Ermita, Alabang Town Center)
Watsons (Greenbelt 5, Ayala Cebu)
Beauty by SM (Makati, Megamall, Fairview)
Beauty Cocktails
Robinsons Department Store Ermita 

ORLY Nail Lacquers - P349.75 per bottle
ORLY Instant Artist Starter Kit - P1,370.

For orders of ORLY Instant Artist Starter Kit,
please call Sprint Asia Beauty's sales team at 7446210,
or email them at

L.A. Colors is available at
Landmark Trinoma & Makati
Robinsons Galleria
Forbes Wood
SM Department Store Olonggapo

L.A. Colors- P89
Art Deco Nail Art is P99

Wet n' Wild is available at
SM Department Stores
Makati | Megamall | North Edsa | Cubao | Fairview | Manila | San Lazaro | Las Pinas
Watsons Personal Care Store
Megamall | Mall of Asia

Fast Dry Nail Lacquers - P199.00

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Download: April 2012 Printable Calendar

I'm a little too excited for April's arrival. I woke up extra early today to do some embroidery. This is sort of an experiment: watercolor on canvas. Wastes a hell lot of watercolor (tears!) but I think I'm liking how it turned out. On another note, I could get addicted to embroidery!! Here's another printable calendar for you, with some behind-the-scenes crafting photos.
Yarn-like thread
The canvas is mounted on wood.
It's so cute and tiny! Only 3x3 inches. Stained & watercolored it.
I used a 00-sized brush to write April 2012.
Download the printable version here.

Enjoy! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Craft Soirée Update!

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed and expressed their desire to join the Craft Soirée that I wrote about in this previous entry. I've gathered my thoughts on this and I think this summer will be the perfect time for creative crafting souls to unite! Read on to find out more.

What is the Craft Soirée all about?
The Craft Soirée will be whole day gathering of people who (1) make things & (2) want to make things. There will be a brunch craft exchange for the crafters, where we all get to talk, hangout, and exchange our handmade gifts; and the afternoon will be an exhibit/bazaar of all of the crafters' products, and will be open to those who want to LEARN through a series of craft demonstrations.

Event Date
Saturday, 05 May 2012
Craft Exchange: 11am to 1pm
Workshops: 2pm onwards

Pipino! 39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, QC
(where else? haha :P)

Do you make Crafts?
Whether you make beautiful calligraphy, framed artworks, sewed stuffed toys, quilted linens, or recycled and upcycled home accents, as long as it is handmade and made by YOU, then you are most welcome to join the craft exchange!
There will be 15 open slots for crafters. Your "entrance ticket" will be 15 crafts/gifts (preferably 1 kind of product, although colors may vary) that you will exchange with other crafters.  In the end, each crafter brings home 15 other crafts, and a goodie bag!
If you wish to join the craft exchange, please send photos of your work/crafts, and a brief description of what you plan to make as your gift. Remember that you must make these crafts yourself!

Do you want to Learn?
Sign up here. Slots for the workshops will also be limited, so be sure to send in your name & contact number! Want to teach a craft? Send me an e-mail!

Do you have a product that you want to promote?
This will be the perfect opportunity to share your product with the crafting community! We are accepting product samples that can be included in the goodie bags for all the attendees.

Please send all information to!

I'm super excited for this! Hope you can help spread the word! :)

Self-Study Time time I wish I had more of. This stack of new books that I purchased over the weekend is waiting patiently for Monday work to be done. There's a whole afternoon of crafting waiting for me!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday7: One Colorful Week

Although the week went by too quickly, I remember every single moment, and am thankful for all the new people I met.

I've got new climbing rope stock. Time to make new necklaces and bracelets!! :)
Last week, my photos were published in newspapers. This week, one of the magazine layouts I did for Magnum came out!
On Tuesday, Pipino hosted the third blogger hangout of Punchdrunk Panda.<photo from Punchdrunk Panda's Facebook Page. Like them!>

We had dinner with Elaine, Paul and Mio (my Voxer buddy) at Rub. Handed over some taro chips for him and his face immediately lit up! He's even giving the bag of chips a little smack of lurve. Haha! So cute!Mio is one of the smartest and funniest little boys I know! While other kids are singing boring ABC's, Mio sings Kuh Ledesma's I Think I'm In Love. I'm a proud ninang!! Good job, El and Paul.

My bottle of argan oil hair serum is almost empty so I thought I'd stock up. Picked up a couple of bottles (for face, hair and body) at The Souq Organics store along Katipunan (White Plains).
After a meeting with the Pino group, we went to J.Co and got a box of assorted donuts for dessert. The only one I really liked was the one with almonds!
Dropped by SM Megamall to check out the DMC Inspirations Cross-stitch exhibit. I'm super excited to be working with DMC for some projects this summer!Memories of gradeschool days and home economics classes came flooding back, but our projects were NOTHING compared to the intricate threadwork showcased in the exhibit. I especially loved the piece with the colorful roses, and the embellished & cross-stitched Lady of Manaoag.
Catch the exhibit until March 30, at the 5th floor of SM Megamall, just across the Atrium.

Happy Sunday! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rags2Riches: Rajo's Athletenique Collection

Rags2Riches is known for their eco-ethical fashion and home accessories made of upcycled scrap cloth, recycled materials and indigenous fabrics, made by artisans from community-based enterprises across the country. In 2007, they started as an informal cottage industry of rug-weavers in Payatas, and after four years,  they have already empowered 450 artisans across 21 communities in Metro Manila.
Last Thursday, lobby of the Ayala Museum was transformed into a one gorgeous play of lights, sounds, art installations, and of course, bags! It was the launch of Rajo Laurel's Athletenique Spring/Summer 2012 Collection for Rags2Riches, and the room was filled not just with bold and bright bags, but with big cheery smiles and love all around. It was good to see the organizers and the nanays who were beaming with pride, and rightfully so, because the event was gorgeous and their handwork is just amazing. This is one reason why I support products that are handmade--you can truly feel that the works are made from the heart. Congratulations to Rajo for designing a beautiful collection that is super wearable! I want to buy them all!
  With R2R President Reese Fernandez-Ruiz
Art installation by Leeroy New
Love this satchel!

Click here to find out where you can purchase these bags.

<photos from Rags2Riches>Pierre Satchel (L)
W: 13" H: 10.5"  D: 2.75"  Strap: 16-23"
Large satchel in knitted cotton x-small basket weave with front pocket.
Genuine leather adjustable strap with antique brass accents
Magnetic snap closure; cotton lining with interior zip pocket

Pierre Satchel (S)
W: 10" H: 7.75"  D: 2"  Strap: 16-23"
Large satchel in knitted cotton x-small basket weave with front pocket.
Genuine leather adjustable strap with antique brass accents
Magnetic snap closure; cotton lining with interior zip pocket
Maia Clutch (D)
W: 7" H: 4"  D: 2.25"
Molded clutch in knitted cotton x-small basket weave diagonal pattern with contrast piping in hand-woven Kantarines fabric, Kamagong bar accent with interior magnetic closure; quilted cotton lining
Maia Clutch (V)
W: 7" H: 4"  D: 2.25"
Molded clutch in knitted cotton x-small basket weave diagonal pattern with contrast piping in hand-woven Kantarines fabric, Kamagong bar accent with interior magnetic closure; quilted cotton lining
Bali Bucket Tote (left)
W: 13" H: 14.25"  D: 3"  Strap: 7.5"
Tall bucket tote in knitted cotton basket weave; Cotton wraparound shoulder straps with antique brass accents; Magnetic snap closure; cotton lining with interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets

Remo Tote (right)
W: 15.75" H: 13.5"  D: 4"  Strap: 8"
Color block tote in canvas mixed with knitted cotton basket weave; Cotton wraparound shoulder straps with antique brass accents; Zipper closure, cotton lining with interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets

Vela Tote
W: 17" H: 12"  D: 4"  Strap: 7.5"
Color block tote in canvas mixed with knitted cotton basket weave; Cotton shoulder straps with genuine leather accents; Zipper closure; cotton lining with interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets

Rags2Riches Showroom
Unit 3b, Cubao Expo
General Romulo Avenue,
Araneta Center Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. (632) 913-5760

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3rd Leap: My Feng Shui Reading

Remember my post about taking 29 Leaps? The third one was:

3. Expose yourself to a different kind of religion or belief.

A few weeks ago, I worked on a shoot with one of my former Art Adventures teacher, Chinky, who is now a makeup artist. Over lunch, she shared her interest as a semi-newbie practicing feng shui. I was so intrigued on how she claimed it improved her personal business and her boyfriend's business, with just a few minor tweaks in their logo's color and shape. I was actually sold on the whole idea of incorporating "good luck" into graphic design! :P

I would always roll my eyes at the thought of incorporating feng shui in your life, and like what PJ always says, "Mas magaling si God!" True. But I wanted to learn more about it, so I asked Chinky to set up a meeting with her feng shui expert. On the day of my reading, I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect! Here are some of my 'learnings' from that afternoon.

The first thing the FS expert asked me when we met was what I did for living.
I said I was a graphic designer and that I run a vegetarian restaurant.She started the session by saying this: Feng Shui is NOT hula.
I breathed a sigh of relief. (What the hell was I thinking anyway?)
FS is the art of placement, because it is ancient asian belief that energy moves through wind (feng) and water (shui). She compared it to a fish being taken out of water, and trying to survive; to swimming against the current vs. going with the flow. Feng Shui is supposed to tell you where you should place yourself to make your life easier.

Prior to our meeting, she asked for my whole name, birthdate, birthplace and time of birth. Thank God for responsible Mommy who wrote all this information on my baby book! I think the charts have a lot to do with the time of birth, and without it, you won't get a very accurate reading.Gibberish.
More FS jargon. Haha!
The only thing I remembered from what she said about this was that Libra was very strong in my sign.

She also showed how parallel western and eastern astrology are.
Ahh, finally, human words. She gave me this "lucky and unlucky list", and we also discussed which jobs would be best for me. There's Creative Work at #1! *happy dance*
I guess it was a relatively "easy" reading for me because I don't have to change much in my work life. And she said that when I'm working, I should wear pastel colors.
 Another interesting thing is this life cycle (which is also based on the date and time of birth). I am guessing this is an interpretation of the planetary positions?
 And one of the last things we touched on was this: aside from family, my security in life is Education. Whenever I am stressed, this is my therapy. And it's so true! I run to the nearest bookstore when I am sad. Learning about new things is my life's passion. I have more how-to books than fiction in my library. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to attend a class or workshop wherever I am. It's such a random revelation, but so spot on.
Generally, it was interesting to understand what FS really is all about. What I liked most about the whole experience was that she said you don't have to use those expensive 'feng shui cures' that you buy in stores, and can instead make use of available elements, or better yet, put yourself in a better "position" so that you don't have to use those cures at all. This reading will be great for those people who want a shortcut to knowing what career path to take. But of course, try to understand it as a whole, with an open mind, and don't turn it into a religion! ;)