Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Week of Absence

An entire week of unannounced blog break? Juggling no less than 15 projects rights now, I must come to terms with the obvious fact that I am no superhuman. I promised myself I'd blog at least 5 times a week but I have now passed what has been my longest non-blogging streak since I started in October.
Work, work, work. I have been spending most of my waking hours in front of the computer but finding zero time to blog (and very little time to tweet!) Out of the 15 projects, 4 are for different local magazines that will be published April onwards. Above are photos of an early morning shoot in Manila Hotel and some watercolored typography for a food magazine.

We had a houseguest last weekend! Kai stayed in our house and we played and painted and played some more. My cousin, his mommy Noey is taking a break with her other mommy friends in India. In less than an hour, Kai, Julian and I switched from basketball, to soccer, to bowling, and then painting! All that, before 10 am.
Oh, and I got an iPhone! I've been using an iPod Touch for years, thinking it was enough for me. I didn't realize I was missing out on all of the cool iPhone features! Right now, I am loving cinemagram and the panoramic camera application. FYI, all photos in this post were taken using the phone's camera.
 Panoramic shot of Bonifacio HighStreet Extension

We had dinner at Beso for my cousin Ralph's birthday. I am so happy to have found a Spanish restaurant that has quite a number of vegetarian options! They had yummy vegetarian flatbread with artichokes (and I love it because it didn't have any cheese) and vegetarian paella! We also ordered the garlic portobello mushrooms, which were gone before I managed to take a photo (they were that good).

Congratulations & Best Wishes to Roi and Marga Palafox! It's always a beautiful wedding when the groom cries. Haha. But seriously, we all had fun! PJ and our friend Pao hosted the reception, which was held in the Rockwell Tent. They had the best giveaways, too: potted plants!
Thank you to Roi and Marga for requesting for a vegetarian meal for me! Exclamation points!!! I think this is the first wedding where I ate everything on my plate!! :)
My tablemates: PJ, Ed, Ochie, Pao, Erin, Mo, Muff, and Don

Lastly, our kitchen is almost done, and is semi-functional. I can at least cook. Today, I made French Toast Pandesal. I dipped the sliced bread in an egg replacer mixture, soymilk, coco sugar and cinnamon powder, and pan fried it in grapeseed oil. Drizzled some coco sugar syrup (literally, diluted coco sugar in hot water) over it and shared it with my dad for merienda. Not the best lookin' photo but definitely hits the spot! Breakfast food is love.

Hope you all had a good week, too! :)