Thursday, February 2, 2012

Memory Foam Mattress Heaven!

PJ has been complaining about lower back pain caused by our really old mattress. We had been searching for our options online and all around the metro for a while now, but only decided to make the purchase the other day. We knew it was going to be quite an investment, and we were preparing ourselves for the "damage" it would do to our wallets. We were eyeing Tempur's memory foam mattress topper, which costs about P50k (not including a new regular mattress), or Westin's Heavenly Bed (available online) which costs over $2k for an entire set, including the bed frame + heavenly pillows. I guess that's why we put it off for so long--ang mahal ng taste namin, haha! But an excellent bed is an investment because we spend a third of our day sleeping, and maybe half a day for PJ. Haha. Teenager ang peg niya.

I shared our problem with our friend Clems while I was working at their condo the other day. She immediately suggested we go to Uratex. She found the local foam supplier's website and we learned that they have a shop along Marcos Highway, which is just 5 minutes away from where we live. The following day, PJ and I decided to check it out.
Upon entering the gate, we were greeted by this fun graffiti wall.

 The security guard at the door gave us a piece of paper on which we were supposed to list down what we wanted to purchse. We stepped into the store and at this point, I decided to document our whole mattress-shopping experience: the place eerily reminds you of shopping at Ikea!Except that almost everything is made of plastic & foam. ;P
Those monoblock chairs actually come in cute colors (cute, for monoblocks). And they even have some Ikea-ish home accessories, too.
At the end of the store, there are modular seating foam blocks with WeWillDoodle's artwork on them. Snaps for Uratex for their collabos with local artists!

We walked up to the second floor to check out the "Premium Mattress" collections.
Uma-Ikea talaga!
You can also see & feel the different types of pillows there.
All the mattress types were on display. There was no one on the second floor to help us choose, so we decided to lie down on all of them. We were ready to buy this 'regular' foam mattress, Trapunto, which is a Uratex x Rajo Laurel collaboration.
 But right beside it, Kris Aquino's pretty premium pink mattress was calling out to us. PJ flopped on it and realized it's a memory foam mattress!!! I was just kinda iffy about it because of the hearts. Haha.
 So we moved onto the next display, and this is where our search ended.
We were in memory foam mattress heaven!!! Dizizit!
Do you know how a memory foam pillow's comfort feels like?
Multiply that feeling by a thousand.

This is what we got (and only for a fraction of other brands' price!):
8 inches of pure memory foam!

Okay, so it's only been two days since we've had the mattress, but we are extremely happy with it. As in, "I can't wait to sleep" and "I can't wait to wake up tomorrow because I know I'll have had a good night's sleep"-kind of happy. Somehow, it feels na parang life has just begun.... HAHA, OA!!!! But seriously, on the first night, PJ, who normally sleeps past midnight, fell asleep before 9PM, and had 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep! It's so amazing, we decided to name our mattress, "Sofitel" because feeling namin sa hotel kami natutulog! Hahaha! But we also like to call it other names--because as we all know, when you're in love with something/someone you want to give it a hundred different terms of endearment--and call it our very own "Tempur-atex!" Haha! If you're not sleeping on a memory foam mattress yet, I suggest you buy one now! :) Maski Feb 2 palang, I dub thee Best Purchase of the Year! :P