Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fuerza Bruta in Manila

Patty, Pat, PJ and I decided to spend V-day watching Fuerza Bruta in Manila Hotel. You'd think we'd be bummed out that the 60-minute show was shorter than the trip from QC to Manila, but Noooo we were totally fine with that (haha), since the show is like a suspense movie + art film + installation + lights/water/air show + rave party rolled into one LIVE psychedelic dream sequence. What a trip!
This is not the waiting room; this is the actual tent where the show takes place. The audience is parted and moved around throughout the show to make way for the props and performances.
Double-dating and not really knowing what we are in for. Hanep sa Valentine's day date! In fairness, puede na ring romantic kasi mapapakapit ka talaga sa date mo sa kaba!
First sequence palang, mapapa-isip ka na ng "What is the meaning of life?"
And the craziness (and kalat) has only just begun...
Ang show na ito ay isang sampal sa mukha: ah ganun, artsy ka pala ha?! o, eto'ng sa'yo.
Haha but seriously, you all HAVE to experience this!!
Hop over to for tickets
and catch Fuerza Bruta while they are here in Manila!