Friday, February 24, 2012

Follow-Your-Dreams Friday: Pipino Vegetarian

A few weeks ago, supervegan (and my godsister) Raya Mananquil braved south-to-north traffic to taste Pipino's newest dishes. She was joined by her friends: vegetarian Isabel Roces and semi-veg Valerie de los Santos.

The article was published yesterday. If you have a copy, check the Feb23 D-1 section of the Philippine Star.
Of course, you can just read the article online! Click here.

Thank you to Raya, and of course, to Tita Millet! :)


It feels like only yesterday when Patty accompanied me around New York to eat in my favorite vegan restaurants. It was 2008, and that time, I had shared with her my dream of putting up my own vegan restaurant in Manila. In the beginning, I was just planning to put up a food cart, which would only require a small capital. When I got home from the States, I reconnected with PJ and we started dating. (And for the record, you know a relationship is right when you become the best version of yourself AND dreams suddenly start falling into place.) Fast forward to 2010: in between work and planning our wedding, we were also building my dream vegan restaurant, Pipino.

This morning, Patty texted me the sweetest congratulatory message, I guess because she saw it all: from my kalat days and simple daydreams to where Pipino is today. We're still learning the vegan resto biz, and there are still lots of areas to improve on, but I would like to thank the Pino Team: PJ, Ed and Star for making this dream come true, and to every single person, vegetarian or not, who has dined in the resto or has tried our food, for sharing this dream with me.

AyunSume-senti! ;P