Friday, January 20, 2012

Watercolored Courier New

Here's a sneak peek on a project I'm working on with fellow crafters Macy and Mikko. Do check out their blogs!

I've been getting a number of e-mails asking me about my watercolor process and tools. Here are the materials I used for this particular project:
This was part of Patty's birthday gift pack to me, but I just opened it now! I was actually saving it to design her wedding stuff. All I can say is, expensive watercolor paper is life changing. I love it!!
Textured and perforated sheets. For some reason, textured paper makes your watercolor go a loooong way: you don't have to use as much and still get rich results. The tear-out pages make it so much easier for me to scan my work.
I used a Sakura brush and Sakura paint palette all throughout. Didn't mean to be so matchy-matchy!
Watercolored Typography: Courier New, Bold.

Happy Friday, everyone! :)