Monday, January 9, 2012

Visayas Honeymoon: Calicoan Island

It was a pleasant and scenic 3-hour van ride from Calbiga to Guiuan, Samar and before we knew it, the red multicab of Surf Camp was whisking us away to cross the bridge to Calicoan Island. We arrived at night, so we decided to stay in the room for dinner, watch TV and have our muddy clothes laundered. Day 6 was coming to a close and this was our first (relatively) high-end resort of the trip. My plan was to just rest and relax.
We woke up the next morning and saw for the first time how beautiful the place is. The Surf Camp features Balinese-style architecture, and just a few steps away from the cottages, you are greeted by long left- and right-handed waves peeling nonstop.
After breakfast, we lounged at the front of the resort where there was a hammock and an infinity pool. The tide was low so we decided to enjoy the resort that morning.
Lots of seating areas for muni-muni.
In the afternoon, we walked over to the beach and surfed.
 On the way back to Guiuan, we asked our trike driver to take us around the town.
We crossed the bridge and stopped to take photos of the rivermouth. Imagine living in a hut, but waking up to this spectacular view. We were so tempted to leave everything in Manila behind.
We passed by the church in Guiuan. There were shell souvenirs sold outside. Unfortunately, the church was being renovated then.
 And then we hopped on another van to Tacloban (about 3.5 hours).
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The Surf Camp
ABCD Beach, Calicoan Island
Guiuan, Samar