Saturday, January 28, 2012

My List of Creative Goals for 2012

I am 29. Shiyet.

Today is January 28 and there are exactly 265 days before I turn thirty. <--That was a whisper.

Where did those 100 days go? Oh, I know. To my first 100 blog posts! ;) Hurray!

I began this blog so that I would be pushed to do something creative each day. So far, I think it has been working positively for me, but I realized that there are still a whole bunch of things I want to do. These lists are that which fill the little notebooks in my bag--things that I don't normally share with just anyone. Today, I wrote painted my 2012 dreams down in one comprehensive list, because as my friend Em said, "writing things down gets things done".

This is my list of Creative Goals for 2012.
52 things for the 52 weeks of the year.
watercolored this list using a 0 size brush

zoom in.