Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kai's 4th Little Indian Birthday Party

My mom created themed birthday parties for me every year, and I was the happiest kid. No matter how simple, I truly encourage all parents to have themed birthday parties for your kids--don't just do it for the 'milestone ages' (1, 5, 7, etc), do it every year! Pretty pictures will help them remember what a special childhood they had, and they will thank you for it later (thanks, Mom! ;P).

Last Friday, my nephew Kai celebrated his 4th birthday, and his ever creative Mimi/Mimy (Mommy) Noelle, created a magazine-worthy Little Indian Birthday Party for him.
Noelle created a teepee just for the party! 
Yummy veggie food. We had mini burgers and mac&cheese from Pipino, but Noelle prepared everything else + a make-your-own taco bar. Check out the "Indian Cider" above. I was teasing the kids "Uh, oh, you're drinking beer!!!" And they all shouted back at me, "Nooo!!! It's apple juice!!" And you can imagine at that point all I wanted to do was squeeze their super cute little indian cheeks!
Yummy crunchy apple sandwiches with granola inside.
Teepee and cactus table centerpieces
A make-your-own feather headpiece station for the kids

At one point, I lent Kai my camera and allowed him to run around and take photos. It's quite a cool thing to see his birthday party through his eyes!
Here's a peek into the little man's POV:1) Monix & Santi with the cake. 2) Watching the kids make headbands. 3) Mimi Noey with party guests Kiddo & Baby Cadey. 4) The food table. 5) Playing with the toy car. 6) Tito Ralph taking a photo of Kai taking a photo of him. 7) Daddy Luke. 8) Indian Cider.
Kai's S'mores birthday cake: Chocolate cake + marshmallows + Graham Crackers

Time to blow out the candles!! :)The aftermath (which was, like, 5 seconds after the candles were blown out!)
All the kids took home this make-your-own s'mores loot bag!

Happy 4th birthday, Kai!! We love you! :)