Thursday, January 5, 2012

If These Rings Could Talk

Photo Credit: Sheila & Jorem Catilo
Patty and I met up at the mall the other day, our first meeting after the holidays. While our mouths were busy munching our Gamberetti and Tartufata sandwiches, our engagement rings found their way to each other! The chikahan begins..
(Yes, we call each other Zexy, short for Zexbam -- yun kasi ang usong song nung freshmen kami sa college. Hehe, ang luma!)

As you can see, magkapatid ang mga singsing namin, so super nag-click sila right from the start! We both opted for simple matte gold bands (and kung binigyan kami ng platinum bands baka nag-'no' kami--ganung level). Patty's is a teardrop sapphire stone with two diamonds on each side, while mine is a rosecut non-conflict diamond made with recycled gold. (Kanya-kanyang trip lang, ok!)

Anyway, we eavesdropped on the interesting conversation of our rings, and yung ring ko, nagbibigay ba naman ng Wedding Planning Tips sa ring ni Patty! What?!?! Here's what we overheard:

1. My advice for you would be to ELOPE!! Hahaha! It would save you both the headache, time and money. Haha but, yes, I know, we are good daughters and our parents and family mean so much to us. Plan and do as you wish, but consider also what will make them happy. Their happiness with your union will truly show on your wedding day. And because wedding planning can be so tiring, you will need all their support in the entire process.

2. Pick the things that reaaaaalllly matter to you, your "non-negotiables" and focus on those. Get as much help as you can with the other stuff. For example, if you're a design freak like me, go ahead and obsess over the save-the-dates and invitations, and if you're not particular about flowers, ask your mom or your sister to take care of it. Utilize your the talents and skills of the members of your entourage. If someone is a good fashion stylist, consult with them for your bridal party's outfits. Ask someone to be in charge of communicating reminders to your entourage. Have someone keeps track of the guest list. Delegate.

3. Get a Day-of-the-Wedding Coordinator. If you can, ask your most efficient and OC friend to help you. ;)

4. Have a 3-pass rule with your fiance: you get 3 passes to disagree with what you he wants (and vice versa) and when those passes are used, the rule is you MUST give in. Choose wisely! :P

5. Most important thing, though, is that you plan for the Marriage, and not just the wedding. When things get too stressful, always remember: Wedding=1 day; Marriage=Lifetime. PJ and I attended a couple of pre-marriage retreats where we talked a lot about our values, upbringing, and other issues that are sure to affect married life. Everything moves so fast during wedding planning, so keeping things in this perspective will help you stay sane (and fresh and beautiful)!

Then our good friend Ding arrived and joined us for lunch! Ding has been happily married to Bud for 5 years now, and they are proud parents to super cute twin girls Alexa and Sophia. Incidentally, Ding was also my wedding coordinator!
Of course, her super bonggang engagement ring joined in on the party!
Here are Ding's Ring's Tips for the Semi-Newly Married Gal:

1. Put each other first. Before work, chores, and even before your children!
2. Place God in the center of your relationship. Anything that begins with Him always ends in grace.
3. Know which arguments to let go and which ones to pursue.
4. Continue to better yourselves individually. This keeps the marriage fresh!
5. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Being honest fuels trust and love :)

Gosh, ang tatalino nitong mga rings na 'to, ha! Hahaha! Sorry for wasting your precious time reading this sabaw post! :P