Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giveaway: NAVI Planners!

We're almost halfway into the first month of 2012; the holiday bug better be gone by now! Then again, deciding that you want the bug to stay with you for the entire year is okay, too. If 'to travel more' is part of your 2012 goals, then it is your duty to maximize every weekend, every school suspension, every public holiday, and see more of your beautiful country!!!

Before you get carried away to daydreamland, you need to plan (remember: planning saves you money) your trips, and at the same time, organize your work schedule in order to have the right work-travel balance. My personal mantra is I work so that I can travel and I travel so that I gain inspiration to work again. What is your travel plan?
The NAVI Planner is the perfect fit for you with the itchy feet.
In a place where you can start the day hours ahead of the rest of the world, what would you choose to do? In a city with bright lights where millions come with their biggest and boldest dreams, how many come out alive? How many stories and heart-flutters are behind one sudden squeeze of the hand? How high above ground do you have to be to get a good look at the city that mirrors your own ambition? How many reggae beats create a steady rhythm, a collective pulse that assures you there is no pain to experience, only good times? 

NAVI 2012 takes inspiration from the number of questions we ask ourselves, and the even greater number of choices we have to make every single day we are alive, when we travel.

NAVI 2012 reminds us that sometimes life is about putting your questions forward, and being comfortable in not always knowing what the answers are. 

NAVI is for anyone who has ever been bitten by the travel bug, seized by wanderlust, or simply wants to achieve his goals in life. Wherever you are now and wherever you are headed this year, NAVI reminds you about the importance of going places and seeing the world wide-eyed, like the first time. It’s about believing that you can travel the world. It’s about knowing how to feel most alive.
What You’ll Love About NAVI:
full-color smythe-sewn pages hard-bound in matte-laminated textured cover
inspired design and story on monthly and weekly calendars
travel-themed planner features
lots of blank pages to write about your collection of experiences, your everyday explorations, your personal manifesto to live in the present
32 coupons from your favorite food and lifestyle brands
NAVI, Your Life Navigator: a 2012 Planner
192 pages, 6x8 inches, Php520; available in all major bookstores (Fully Booked, National Bookstore and Powerbooks); also available for online order.
Our friends from Viviamo, inc. are giving away some Navi Planners to lucky blog readers!
All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

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3. your answer to this:
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Send in your entries until Friday, January 13.
Winners will be notified via e-mail on Saturday.