Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Visayas Honeymoon: A Date in Boracay

Haha, sosyal! But it really was how PJ and I felt because going there wasn't originally part of the last leg of our Visayas Trip. By this time, we had already been to about 20 different towns and wanted to just relax for a bit. So from Roxas City, we took a bumpy van ride to Kalibo, and then to Caticlan, and headed straight to the Fairways port where we were whisked away to the island by the very attentive and friendly crew of Two Seasons, our home for the next couple of days.
The private boat of Two Seasons took us to Boracay Island. When we got to the port, an air-conditioned service van picked us up and took us to the resort.
We went to Boracay thrice last year, and all three times, we stayed in Two Seasons. It's a family favorite, and for us, the best hotel in Boracay for its price, service and location. 
Photo Credit: Florian Hilario
Photo Credit: Florian Hilario
There are cabanas out front where you can have breakfast in the morning and have drinks in the afternoon. Two Seasons is in Station 1 which has the biggest beach front and the best quality of sand in the island.
Photo Credit: Florian Hilario
The junior suite is super spacious and definitely a luxury in itself. There are times when staying in such a cozy and comfy bedroom rivals the beautiful outdoors. 
Throughout our whole Visayas trip, we had encountered many lesser known but equally beautiful beaches, with the finest powdery sand and the bluest waters. When we planned our trip, one of our goals was to debunk that 'myth' that Boracay is the best beach in the country. But when it comes to sand+water quality, sunset, accessibility and activities, we have to admit that the famous island does deserve its spot at the top of the list.
Here are some of our favorite 'date' places in Boracay:

Breakfast Date: Real CoffeeLocated by Boat Station 1, beside Island Foot Spa. Bananas & Peanut Butter on Toast with honey. If you just want the bread, you can take a trike ride to English Bakery and buy some to go.

Lunch Date: KasbahKasbah is a few hops away from Two Seasons. I love their 7-veggie couscous.

Dinner Date: Restaurant AlchemyFancy shmancy food for lovers. It's a quiet, artsy place with fine Mediterranean/Island fare.

Midnight Snack Date: Two Seasons (room service!) We absolutely looooove the Truffled Mushroom and Garlic pizza. Half of it is cheesy for PJ and the other half is vegan.

I wish you all a Happy Traveling Twenty-Twelve! :)

Photo Credit: Ralph Hilario
Station 1, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan
Philippines 5608

Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 12nn
Nena Bldg 132-A Bayani St., corner Araneta Avenue,
Quezon City, Philippines 1113
+63.2.4154652 / +63.2.4135903 / +63.2.4102175