Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TOMS Vegan Shoes

With this new limited edition line of shoes, TOMS brings the term "giving back" to a whole new level. As if the ONE FOR ONE™ deal you get when you buy a pair of TOMS isn't already amazing to begin with, the company takes it a step further by offering a 100% Vegan line of shoes--and that means less harm as possible to the environment!

So, how is VEGAN any different from VEGETARIAN? Let me try to make it simple for you:
Vegetarians = can consume dairy and/or eggs. Vegetarianism pertains mostly to the vegetarian diet.
Vegans = do not consume/use any animal by-products, or anything that makes use of animals in production (such as leather, honey, white sugar, or other consumer products that utilized animal-testing). Veganism is not just a diet, but a whole lifestyle.

And what's one of the pros of going vegan? You lessen your carbon footprint even more by adapting a vegan lifestyle. It's one way of giving back to our planet.
TOMS VEGAN SHOES contain no animal by-products, and make use of microfiber for the insoles instead of leather. They are made of earth-friendly materials (meaning recyclable and biodegradable).
The TOMS Vegan Classics are made with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) scraps for outsoles and also feature the livity textured twill upper material made of hemp and recycled plastic bottles, which has been designed in one-piece for flexibility and durability. The canvas insole has a cushion for comfort and latex arch inserts for added support.
I wore my TOMS VEGAN for a whole workday of onsite design (I was on my feet for over 10 hours!) and I must say, not many flat soled shoes can give you the comfort that this pair of shoes can. I'm in love with the dotted metallic print, too!

The vegan line is available in 4 different designs for men and women:
The TOMS VEGAN line is now available in the Philippines! Find them at Nothing But H20 (Alabang / TriNoMa / Robinsons Galleria / Boracay) and at Swim (Rockwell / Boracay).

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