Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Craft Challenge

Had brunch this morning with my cousins and the husbands at Pipino. I planned on making their presents earlier this week, but work got in the way so it got pushed until I only had an hour left before it was time to leave the house. It was the time limit that was the actual challenge, and not really the activity (because onceuponatime I designed accessories for a living). So I brought out my jewelry kit + my newly purchased gemstones and whipped up some necklaces for the girls.
All of them are strung on gold silk thread with metal chain
except for this particular design (above) which I paired with climbing rope.
Here are Matet, Ate Tricia and Elaine wearing them!
From Left to Right:
Hot Pink Agate + Apatite
Lemon Quartz + Apatite + Coral
Aquamarine + Amazonite + Amethyst