Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Kiddo-Preneur Bazaar

MioFightsCancer will be at the Kiddo-Preneur bazaar at the Rockwell Club today! It's a cool bazaar concept by Maiki Oreta and her daughter Brielle, where kids are encouraged to make and sell their own products, and learn about entrepreneurship. It'll be a great place for Christmas shopping: we're selling The Mio Alphabet Greeting Cards, stickers, gift tags and christmas wrappers, and the stARTwithMio artworks will be displayed there as well.

There will also be interesting talks for kids (and adults!) throughout the day:

See you there! :)

The Kiddo-Preneur Bazaar was a huge success!! It was so cute seeing all the kids (hard)selling their goods. I'm sure it was a learning experience for all of them! Na-realize nila na mahirap magtrabaho! Hehe. The MioFightsCancer booth did really well in spite of the non-stop rain. The booth "Cookies for a Cause" won "Highest Sales" earning P102,000 in only 6 hours!

Mio and his friends sold the merchandise themselves
As you can see, it was kinda chaotic in the beginning
Notepads @P100 each, Gift tags @P300 for 100 pieces.
Mio Alphabet Greeting Cards. P350 for a set of 10 cards/10 envelopes
Congratulations to the Oretas: Maiki, Brielle and Quinto! :)

You can still purchase Mio Merchandise at :)