Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Toys for the Kiddos!

Admit it, you're OLD! Come on, tell me, how many inaanaks do you have? I've reached the point where I can't even count them any more. And now that I'm married, I have to add PJ's godchildren to my list, too! Ok, so if you wanna argue about age-not-being-a-number, answer this question for me: what are kids these days into? ......*crickets*...... See??!! You're just as clueless as I am. :P But don't worry, because today, my good friend Chris Clemente comes to our rescue as she shares with us her Toy Gift Guide for Boys and Girls.


Clems' Toy Gift Guide: For the Naughty & Nice
To those of you playing Santa, here are a few goodies worth stuffing the Christmas socks with.

For Boys:

1. Every boy should have a Nerf experience in his life.  Unlike the more “classic” designs of Nerf models in our time, the new ones are undoubtedly faster and tougher to beat.  Take the Nerf Vortex Vigilon (P1299.75, Toys R Us), it has replaced the usual bullet to discs, and this particular model boasts of a 5 disc rapid reload.  How can a humble revolver compete with that?

2. For those who want a refreshing take on gun playing, shell out for one of these.  The Vapor Atlas 250 (P999.75, Toys R Us) is like a paintball gun without the messy stains.  It operates on waterbased gels as ammo, so the mess literally just evaporates! It’s a win-win situation for parents and kids alike!  (Get the extra gel ammo for only P749.75, and give your kid the upper hand against their enemies.)

3. 10-4, copy that.  Improve communication with kids using True Heroes Base Station Walkie Talkie Set (P549.75, Toys R Us).  Who says talking has to be boring?  If you instruct your kids to brush their teeth and fix their toys via the airwaves, it might prove to be even more effective than yelling.  Make your commands seem fun and exciting with just a touch of a button.

4. Minimize lost and misplaced cars by purchasing Hot Wheels Wall Track Set (P2399.75, Toys R Us).  They’re not only cool displays on your kids’ walls, but it makes for a more convenient “storage” area for a few of their Hot Wheels collections.  At least this way, it’s a few less toys they have to put away.

5. Encourage creativity with Disney Cars Easel (P3999.75, Toys R Us) by making it easier for the kids to draw and feel like a real artist or get them a Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk Set (P999.75, Toys R Us) to encourage playing outdoors.  Kids these days need to revisit the classic activities we used to enjoy, even if it means using more advanced tools to do them with.

6. Remember how we used to collect trump cards and Upper Deck Basketball cards?  Well nowadays, card collections seem to take on a more animated route.  These Scan 2Go Racing Cards (79.75, Toys R Us) are gaining popularity among the young boys.  TV shows really have much to do with what’s cool and what’s out in today’s generation.

7. The extremely popular hit show on Nickelodeon is now available on paper!  Bring out your kid’s imagination with Art Attack Great Stuff (P599.00, Fullybooked).  There are dozens of great activities for kids of all ages, and the best part is, Art Attack encourages reusing old materials.

8. Gogo’s Crazy Bones 3-pc bag Gogos and Stickers (99.75, Toys R Us) are all the rave now.  These tiny figures are cute collectibles for boys of any age, and the excitement that comes with not knowing which ones you’re gonna get just never gets old.

9. Caped crusaders are a staple in every young boys’ fantasies.  These comic heroes come alive in a new way for this generation’s taste.  While we’re nostalgic about this format, think circa Viewmaster, they find the low key technology to be a delightful break from all the animation smoothness of cartoons these days.  MARVEL HEROES MOVIE THEATER: STORYBOOK & MOVIE PROJECTOR (P1099.00, Fullybooked)

For Girls:

1. Since escaping the fairytales is out of the question, treat your princess to a book that’ll teach her how to draw her favourite damsels in distress with DRAW 50 PRINCESSES: STEP-BY-STEP WAY TO DRAW SNOW WHITE, CINDERELLA, SLEEPING BEAUTY AND MANY MORE (P598.00, Fullybooked)

2. If your girl is more into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, perhaps you can interest her in some designing of her own.  Pique her interest by giving her FASHION ORIGAMI: FOLD DAZZLING DESIGNS (P898, Fullybooked). You’ll never know what talents lie beneath.

3. Speaking of talent, if you do discover her penchant for this industry, give her a Harumika Evening Gown set (P2,399.75, Toys R Us) or Cocktail Dress (P1,399.75, Toys R Us) and see where her talent and imagination takes her.  Harumika is a line of toys made especially to cater to little fashionistas everywhere, allowing them to create multiple outfits with no sewing required.

4. I remember back in the old days, we’d write to our classmates on scented stationeries and partake in writing in codes and inventing new ways to write our names and whatnot.  This cool activity book should come in handy for your girl when she hits that letter writing stage.  LETTERING IN CRAZY, COOL, QUIRKY STYLE (P853, Fullybooked) is a fun guide to give ideas on how to one-up your pen pals.

5. For some reason, dolls are never passé.   I guess you could say girls will be girls.  YOU & ME 9" Soft Baby Doll (129.75, Toys R Us) and Stroller (399.75, Toys R Us) are a big hit with the little ladies this season.  There’s something about cradling one of these cuties that just hits the soft spot.

6. Barbie has come a long way from where she started.  But up to now, young girls everywhere just can’t get enough of this one.  She has evolved into so many faces, trends, and fashion, but she’s a true household name.  Buy that special little lady a Barbie Cut & Style Princess (P999.75, Toys R Us) and see her face light up brighter than the Christmas lights on the tree.  This one you can actually groom like no other doll.  See it to believe it.