Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Girl Who Has Everything

If there is anything I have learned through years of crafting, creating and dreaming, it's that you need to surround yourself with what I'd like to call Creative Enablers. These are the people who get you, whom you can share your ideas with, who think you are awesome, who you think are equally awesome, who you admire, and who encourage you to take that first step towards your creative dreams. It can be one person, it can be 10 different people, it can be a little club or an entire community.

Earlier this year, I was blessed to have met a fellow creative soul, and a new friend. She has cameo-d in a few of my previous posts, but today she is the star as she shares her Holiday Gift Guide with all of us. Read on to find out what one of my favorite people of 2011, Em Somera, recommends For The Girl Who Has Everything. 


Who is "The Girl Who Has Everything"?

She’s the one who has it--ALL OF IT--yet doesn’t know it!

And what, exactly, does she want from you?

I'm telling you--nothing. Really.

But if you absolutely INSIST you have to get her something this Christmas, make sure it’s not some generic beauty potion, or another tube of lotion...

What she'd like is gift-giving infused with intuition, with lots of imagination. :) 

1. She wants a whiff of whimsy. “This smells exactly like real UNICORN FARTS! Which obviously smell like strawberry, cotton candy and spearmint.” Unicorn Farts Perfume Oil, $9, Long Winter Soap Co. at

2. Anything retro, especially robots, are just her cup of tea. Add a little charm to her tea-time ritual with a ROBOT TEA INFUSER. Tea-Bot, $15,

3. Some shimmer is all she really needs. This nail lacquer is nude but never dull. OPI GLITZERLAND, $5.65,

4. Because she’s sweet as sugar; make it last all day. Fresh Sugar Roll-On DEODORANT, $18, Sephora

5. The Girl Who Has Everything likes to write everything down in a “plucked from another era” kind of perfect LEATHER NOTEBOOK. Brown leather notebook, $40, Topshop

6. Because one of her best traits is an attitude of gratitude. THXTHXTHX, $14.99,

7.  Tell her you think she’s one of a kind with a different take on FRIENDSHIP BANDS. Bracelets, $28-36,

8.  Feel like making something from scratch? Make her heart melt with MARSHMALLOW CUPCAKES. Lamb cupcakes, recipe from Martha Stewart

9.  She has a thing for pure ingredients in simple but compelling packaging. Norma Kamali OLIVE OIL ONLY SOAP, $85,

10.  When she really likes something, she buys it in threes. And THE PERFECT V-NECK in heather grey goes with everything. 3-pack men’s tees, Muji

11.  Sometimes she likes to pretend the only thing in her bag is a love letter. Reka Vago ENVELOPE BAG, $50,

12. She knows all the good novels, and loves  lending her favorites. PERSONAL LIBRARY KIT, $20,

13. She has her head up in the clouds, dreaming of what she’ll do next. CLOUD POST-ITS, $3.99,

14. She gets away with wearing manly things, but when she dares to go bare, she does it in delicate embroidery. Flowers Of The Week KNICKERS, $235, Stella McCartney

15. A FOOD SWEATER: is it cute and chic, or just plain tacky? She doesn’t care. She has all the basics covered anyway. Sweet Lovin’ LongSleeve Tee, $26, David & Goliath; Doughnut Sweatshirt, $120, Topshop.