Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Smallest Biggest Basketball Freak

My nephew/inaanak Julian absolutely loooooves basketball. He wakes up every morning and first thing he does is put on his sneakers and basketball jersey (it used to be Nowitzky every single day..until the letters on the jersey were peeling already!), pick up a basketball and play outside. It's good to know that there are still kids who choose outdoor play over iPads! Well, we know we don't have to worry about this particular basketball freak because once you pass the ball to him, it's like he's in a different world! He memorizes NBA players' numbers, he watches entire basketball games live without complaining about being bored, and he loves hanging out at the Ateneo Gyms. His favorite book is the Ateneo-150 Years coffee table book. Hahahaha!!
For his 3rd birthday a couple of weeks ago, his lolo and lola gave him his own Ateneo basketball jersey. And yes, now that is all he wants to wear every day!!!

Here he is with his other teammates at Coach Ruben's Hoopdreams basketball clinic last summer.It was an all-star training camp! ;)
We also took him to the Smart All-Stars / Gilas game and he got to see his favorite NBA players live!

Check out some of his videos:

He started dribbling when he was just 1 year old...

This was taken a few weeks ago. Now he's doing jump shots. Look at that form!
Do we even need to ask where he wants to go to school? ;)

* Photo/Video Credits: Boj Libongco & Ruben Lanot (Hoopdreams photo)