Thursday, November 10, 2011

i ♥ Perya

I have a weird fascination for local peryas. I am so drawn to those temporary carnivals set-up at local barangay fiestas you sometimes see around the city. (FYI, Star City is not included in my list--I went there a few years ago and it's so sosyal!!) I'm talking about peryas with game booths where you can win canned goods, chocolates, and CASH PRIZES (beat that, Enchanted Kingdom!), with rides that actually make you fear for your life. We spent last long weekend in Subic, and inside the base is a huge carnival, open all-year round, and minus the territorial beer-bellied tambays that you might usually encounter in the local neighborhoods.
Planes in Clark.

We drove from QC to Subic in less than 2 hours, thanks to SCTEX.The best time to go on a roadtrip is during sunset. Amazing scenery!
Welcome to the Subic Perya!
 May sundalo reference pa!
Bet on a color and win canned goods! 
Dito naman, cash prize.
PJ & Kuya Chie saying their last words to each other before the coaster takes off.
Super Mario na matangkad! Only at Boom Land.
Perya Typography!