Monday, November 7, 2011

CBTL 2012 Planner: Behind the Scenes

The concept of the planner design was to use tea leaves, coffee beans, and CBTL store elements. We scheduled a one-day shoot that began at 7am. Of course, my preparations for the shoot took more time, because I pre-made some of the layouts at home, especially the ones that involved logos made from coffee grains and tea, so that cut out a lot of shooting hours.

Boxes of cheesecakes and muffins arrived!! It was so hard to not eat them :P
Made coffee smile for the first layout. 
Chalk art by me.
Tip for drawing on chalkboards: Dip the chalk in water. The colors appear more vibrant! :)
Tea Typography. I think I went a little bit crazy after this layout!
Mr. Bean-y Owl
It's not so obvious in this photo, but I actually used two different types of beans for this. A light roast and a darker roast to achieve shadows and highlights.
Some of our favorite things in our bags made a cameo in this shot:
My watercolor set, Em's fountain pen, Beam's camera

Thanks to Em for these Instagrams!


Happy Monday, everyone! :)