Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pipino Dessert Menu

I just found out today that the Pipino Dessert Menu, which I watercolored and designed, is featured on Art of The Menu, a blog by one of my favorite design websites, UnderConsideration. I almost fell off my chair from excitement when our friend/resto partner Star told me the news earlier. My watercolor typography on a design website?! This really made my day!!

Art of the Menu features lots of gorgeous restaurant menus and I am so honored to be part of the mix, alongside famous restaurants and graphic designers in New York and other design cities. We're the only one in the Vegetarian Category, AND (as of press time) the only one from Asia! Quezon City, Philippines reprazent!!!
Instagram photo featured above is by Em Somera.
Photo above by @iamRiaRi

I am also proud to say that I created all the recipes for the cupcakes, cookies, muffins and ice cream. (All, except for the oatmeal cookie recipe from Chef Edward which I "vegan-ized" and the vegan chocolate cake which is done by Pino Kitchen Studio.) Click here for a better image of the menu. And if you want to order Pipino desserts for Christmas, you can call (02) 4411773 or email

Thank you to @UnderConsideration for featuring us in the blog!


39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 4411773

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Download: Holiday Mixtape

I hate to admit that the sparkle of the holidays have somewhat faded over the years. Is Christmastime really for the kids only? How unfortunate that for most of us, this season is synonymous with stress, which really shouldn't be the case because if you stop and think about it, everything that matters, you just might already have: family, friends and faith. So stop for a moment, and give thanks. Life is great!

If you're still not feeling it, here's something for you: I created a Holiday Mixtape specifically for our generation (who grew up with Christmas In Our Hearts), featuring familiar holiday tunes reinvented and sung by some of my favorite alternative artists. I promise that they're easy to listen to and won't make you Grinches cringe! ;P

Download the playlist here

Monday, November 28, 2011

Travel Postcards: Visayas Beaches

For our honeymoon, PJ and I decided to go local. It took us a total of 6 weeks of travel, as we wove our way around the best of Central, Western and Eastern Visayas. We are currently in Bago City, just outside Bacolod, and today is our last day. There is so much to write about this entire trip, but for now, I leave you with postcards of our favorite beaches in the Visayas.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cooking Classes at Pino Kitchen Studio

Pino Kitchen Studio is a brand new, state-of-the-art kitchen space that offers cooking classes, private culinary instruction, and food-related seminars (such as business franchising, food styling, coffee appreciation, etc). If you need kitchen space, PKS is also available for kitchen rental, catering events and photo shoots. They can help you with any food event--from planning & purchasing, to cooking & cleaning up!
Photo by Mai Pascua

Pino Resto Bar’s Executive Chef Edward Bugia, along with business partners PJ Lanot and Star Jose, teamed up with celebrity chefs Nino Logarta and Jonah Trinidad to establish this one of a kind kitchen workshop that caters to the growing foodie market in the country.

Join them for some cooking classes this November!

Workshops include: Ingredients, Handouts

39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village
Quezon City
(Located in the same building as Pino & Pipino)
View MAP

Tel.No: (02) 352-3755

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For all your small-time concerns... #iTweetMoKayTulfo!

The #iTweetMoKayTulfo hashtag series started between two PJ's: Lanot and Aldea, also known as Jags and Jok to their friends, as a hypothetical joke during inumans. "Ano kaya, pare, may hotline sina Tulfo para sa mga menial concerns ng mga naapi?" Both of them admire the Tulfo brothers for their hard-hitting, in-your-face, public-serving, vigilante-style crime busting. Add to that the Tulfos' mastery of both the Filipino and English languages. English kung English, Tagalog kung Tagalog, and with the proper accents to boot. Check out the vids below. (Warning: violent content.)

Jok and Jags launched #iTweetMoKayTulfo this November on Twitter, and a few days ago, I joined in on the funny. Less than a week has gone by and I now pronouce it A Smashing Hit with a grand total of about 3 other people (haha) in the mix, all tweeting their funny and menial concerns to the Tulfo bros.

Here are my favorite tweets so far:

And if you still don't get it, here is what #iTweetMoKayTulfo is NOT: (Compiled by Jok)
1. It is not an attack to the Tulfo bros. Rather, it is a praise to their aggressive approach to society's issues.
2. It is not serious. Sorry, but don't expect your serious problems to be answered.
3. Is not about real political issues that CAN be answered by our existing government.
4. It does not express distasteful ideas and is not vulgar.

Thinking of your own #iTweetMoKayTulfo content actually opens up a new perspective on Pinoys' social situations, bringing to light common concerns that we tend to overlook or simply let pass. User-driven content is somewhat comparable to the more popular (and foreign) #FML and #Fail, except this hashtag is proudly 100% Filipino. No longer will you have to bear pet-peeves and personal hassles on your own. #iTweetMoKayTulfo and share the laughter!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Download: Desktop Wallpaper - Spirograph Doilies

I made this week's download using my new toy. Presenting: white spirographs that look like doilies! ;) Download now and enjoy for your personal use.
2560x1440  |  1920x1200  |  1680x1050  |  1440x900  |  1280x800
iPhone  |  iPad

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Holiday Gift Guide: Online Edition!

I seriously don't know how I'm going to get Christmas shopping done in the next few weeks. I haven't even begun writing my Christmas list!  I would love to visit all the bazaars and check out all the good deals at the malls, but really, who has TIME? And the traffic? Let's not even go there. 

When it comes to giving presents, I prefer 'thoughtful gifts', and don't just buy or give gifts for the sake of it. Nobody like waste, right? But there are a million other things to take care of during the holidays, making it harder to think of The Perfect Gift for each family member and friend! This year, though, I have promised myself that I will make no more excuses: I will be more RESPONSIBLE about giving presents, and face my fear that is The Christmas Rush.

Being a huge fan of online shopping, I've created a list of local online merchants that you can shop from. For the unfamiliar, it's as simple as filling out a form/texting the seller, paying through G-Cash or bank deposit, and then waiting for your item in the mail. This Online Edition of my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide is the first one I'm posting, but I've got a few other themed Gift Guides lined up, so watch out for those!


Online Store: is Beam Mariano's online store of felt creations. She's got a whole range of products like bags, brooches and bookmarks, but I really find this 90's collection so adorable! These mobile phone and camera cases are priced at P250 each.

Online Store: your hand if you always have a hard time looking for gifts for guys! I'm raising BOTH hands! It's no wonder that Barquette owner Lauren Alejo is doing so well in business--she's filled that void of practical and useful presents for men! But check her Facebook page because she's got accessories and organizers for the ladies as well. Pictured above are some of her bestsellers: The Samurai Sword (P550), Remote Control organizer (P750), Drinklip (P130), and Money Clip (P180).

Online Store: with good vibes and much love from owners/surfer girls Noelle Hilario and Kage Gozun, Brown Belly bridges surf to the city, with comfy and stylish clothing inspired by their weekend beach trips and travels around the world. Featured above: Skylar and Frolic Bed Jackets (P880 each); Cove and Heartthrob Bikinis (P1580 each, comes in a pouch).

Now here is my dream gift: Magazine Subscriptions!!! This is the perfect gift because the recipient will remember you every month! This year, I'm getting my Lola a subscription to her favorite celebrity chismis magazine from Emerald Headway. If you are on a tighter budget, purchase the local magazines, or cut your subscription to 4 or 6 months instead of one full year.

Online Store: and I have switched to 100% organic personal care products and we love Human Nature's facial care line! I use their mineral makeup, their toner and facial cleansers. Their items are very affordable and will make great gifts! Featured above are the Gift Pack for Schoolmates (P119), Gift Pack for Men (P249), Gift Pack for Moms (P449), Mineral Blush (P175), Mineral Powder Foundation (P295), and Natural Tinted Lipbalms (P75).

Online Store: stumbled upon Karen Suazo Roldan's site while searching for accessories on Multiply. I love her selection of bib necklaces--she has unique and tasteful designs and most of them are reasonably priced at P400-P1000. My favorite is the gold beaded bib (P2000) featured above.

Online Store:'s a gift that keeps on giving: buy a Mio Alphabet Monogram Notecard Set (P350 for a box of 10) and help Mio Mendiola and other children with rare diseases fight their battle for a healthy childhood. Looking for an inexpensive gift for your officemates? Monogram die-cut alphabet stickers are also available at P50 each.

Online Store: Lazaro just recently got into the shoe business, but already, she's got a number of shoe collections posted on her site. She started for the simple reason that she needed more shoes for herself! In search for local manufacturers, she went from Liliw, Laguna to Marikina for someone to actualize her shoe designs. Her goal is to produce locally manufactured shoes that are of good quality, and to "put Marikina back on the pedestal". Head on to her Facebook Page and support her advocacy. Her pumps, flats and wedges are perfect for office and every day wear! Prices are available upon request.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

On Vacation!

PJ & I are on the last leg of our Visayas Adventure!We're currently in Roxas City, Capiz in Western Visayas.
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The 2012 CBTL Planner

Music by Brian Mendoza

I know I've posted about this more than once, but I can't stop gushing about how I had such a wonderful time working on the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf planner with a super creative bunch. I finally got my own copy of the planner the other day and was so excited to see and feel the fruits of the team's collaboration. In case you're wondering, here's how you can get your own 2012 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Planner:

1. A minimum single-receipt purchase of any Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based, or Tea-based Beverage, or Frozen Swirl, qualifies you to get a stamp card. Each card consists of 18 boxes, with corresponding drink assignments. These are as follows:

a. 1 Original Ice Blended (any flavor, regular or large)
b. 1 Tea Latte (any flavor, regular or large)
c. 1 Red Velvet Hot Cocoa or Red Velvet Ice Blended (regular or large)
d. Any 15 Regular or Large Original Ice Blended, Coffee-based or Tea-based Beverages, or Frozen Swirl

2. Your stamp card must always be presented so that a box may be stamped whenever its corresponding product assignment is purchased.

3. Once all 18 boxes are stamped and completed, you will be able to claim The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2012 Giving Journal at any of our stores.

4. The completed stamp card should be presented and surrendered to the branch where the giving journal will be claimed. The cashier will punch the stamp card to prevent reuse.

5. Promo period is from November 7, 2011 to January 31, 2012.

6. Giving Journals may be claimed all throughout the promo period until 60 days after the promo has ended.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Bought A Toy Yesterday!

In between the day's appointments, Em, Dar and I walked around the 85-Peso store. We were there to shop for resto stuff, but instagram-stalker Em finds me here zoning in on the paper and stationery aisle. I stocked up on my favorite travel-sized sketch pads, which I can only find there (smoothest watercolor paper!). Em and I also bought semi-identical trash bins.Em: Ok lang na pareho tayo ng basurahan?
Me: Hindi naman magkikita ang mga kwarto natin, eh.

And then my favorite purchase: a Spirograph ruler!I could do this all day :P

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TOMS Holiday GIVEaway Kit

This holiday season, each purchase of TOMS comes with a Holiday GIVEaway Kit, which includes a DIY Paper Lanter and Holiday Gift Tag. Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you know that the TOMS' movement is One for One, where one person buys and one person is helped. There is a tag inside the kit on which you can write a positive message for someone special, and simulate the act of sharing that TOMS nobly promotes.
Here's the Paper Lantern video Patty & I made for TOMS Philippines :)
TOMS invites you to come and celebrate with them at the GIVE FAIR on Sunday, December 4 at the TriNoMa Park (4th Level TriNoMa Mall). There will be games, art activies, a Style Your Sole Booth, and live music at the first-ever TOMS Pop-Up Store. I love creative events like this! :)Like the TOMS Philippines Facebook Page to stay on the loop about their other promos and events!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Download: Desktop Wallpaper - Manila Street Food

Today I bring to you three Desktop Wallpaper Designs featuring my Manila Street Food illustrations, which includes favorites like sorbetes, balut, taho, isaw, fishballs, squidballs, peanuts, and of course, beer! Last year, I submitted one of these designs to one of my favorite design-hunting websites Lost at E Minor, and it was chosen as one of the rotating banners in their site and e-mail feeds. :)

I updated and formatted the illustrations for various desktop wallpaper sizes, and you may download them for your personal use.

Enjoy! :)
2560x1440  |  1920x1200  |  1680x1050  |  1440x900  |  1280x800
iPhone  |  iPad
2560x1440  |  1920x1200  |  1680x1050  |  1440x900  |  1280x800
iPhone  |  iPad
2560x1440  |  1920x1200  |  1680x1050  |  1440x900  |  1280x800
iPhone  |  iPad