Friday, October 28, 2011

Triumph @ Philippine Fashion Week

Our good friends from Leung De Leon Marketing invited us to the Triumph Fashion Show that celebrates the lingerie company's 125 years in the industry. The show was held last night at SMX.

Here I am with the guys (Rich, Ed and Ernest) who, of course, were all so excited.

The show started off with the spotlight on models who were actually seated with the audience.
I liked this collection best.
And then for the finale, the stage opened up for the star of the show, Ruffa!
Ernest, Chuckie and Ed, deep in discussion.
And then posed with big smiles when they caught me taking their photo!
Dared Rich to take a 'pervy' picture.But in all fairness to him, we were talking about his wedding and he was asking for wedding planning tips in between lingerie collections!! Great guy right there! haha
with my cousin Noelle from LDL. Check out her wonderful blog here!
I am also using a blue envelope clutch by my friend Tish.
spotted Muff and Don, too!

I was so hungry after the show, so we went to Sofitel and had dinner at Snaps Sports Bar. Then we headed over to the hotel's bakery Galette in Le Bar, because everything there (except for the chocolates) is half-off after 7pm.Spiral has moved up here, for the meantime. They still have the buffet's bestsellers and the price right now is a little bit cheaper: around P1400++ for the weekday buffet.

All I really wanted to get that night, though, were some chocolate chip cookies. But it was 10pm and they had already run out.These guys are crazier over dessert than most girls I know :PGot the goodies and headed home. Sweet night! :)