Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Very 'Local' Halloween Costumes

I just found out last night that we're attending a halloween party tonight. PANIC! #1, I don't have a costume. #2, It's gonna be a busy Saturday for me with 3 meetings today, so I don't have TIME to make a costume!! #3, I've been dreaming of lying in bed and watching dvd's all weekend...paano na yung plans ko?? we even have snacks already! haha, lola!

So while I think of and search for inspiration for our couple-costume, here are pics from a few hellaweens ago. Presenting, The Takatak Boy & The MMDA Officer.

PJ as Mr. MMDA, complete in full attire, including beer belly! Peej got the uniform when he featured the MMDA for one of the shows he did for TV5 before. And here I am, a cigarette/candy street vendor with my 'takatak box', San Miguel Beer t-shirt and arm sleeves! Take note, naka-pedicure and havaianas pa! May time and budget for parlor! Haha!

Our friend Carl mentioned that TakatakBoy and MMDA are the modern, Manila street version of Romeo&Juliet... Forbidden Love!!! Because my MMDA Man secretly allows me to sell in sidewalks and dares to risk his job for me!!! Awww, how shweeeeet.
So, I basically made this box and then came in my pambahay clothes. :P

I cut half of an old boardgame box, used recycled styro from packaging trash, made a clear candy bag (on the left side of photo), and wove rubber bands that held my lighter! And don't forget the folded bills! This Takatak Boy accepts P1,000 and P500 bills only. You see, I price my cigarettes really high so that people will not smoke. :P

"Excuse me, boy... este, miss... este....Basta! Bawal umistambay dito!"