Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morning Haze

It's the crack of dawn as we land towards Manila...after a 6-hour flight from NYC to LA, a 6-hour layover (Thank goodness my Titas picked us up at took us out for dinner--fresh air!!non-airplane food!!), and a 14-hour plane trip, including a 2-hour stopover in Honolulu and about 3 in-flight movies. I slept soundly on a rather smooth flight and bought my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea cologne from the inflight shopping cart ($28 for 2 little bottles!).

On my trip from Manila last month, I created some messy doodles on my Touch, which I call Turbulence Art. Haha. (My meals on the way home were super boring, I guess because of the PAL strike.) In case you're wondering, I always call up the airline a couple of days before my flight to request for vegan plane food. One of the perks? You ALWAYS get served first. ;) Here's one of my doodles.

I have a strong fascination for clouds. I love taking photos of "Cloudscapes" -- I even have a photo album on my so-old-that-i-just-ought-to-delete-it Multiply page. It's also why I choose a window seat all the time--so I can take cloud photos anytime I want. I wish I had a longer view of these amazing cloud scenes. Sadly, it was pitch dark outside my window 99% of the flight.

Sleepy and seeing double.

  The mountain tops peeking from under the velvety clouds.

 That familiar engine hum signaling we're about to land.

 Manila is still sleepy, but I'm getting more excited by the minute!

A stranger saw me at the baggage carousel and called out to me. He said I looked extremely happy. It was only then that I realized I was smiling ear-to-ear and skipping while pushing my luggage trolley! Haha! Well...I would wrap my smile around my head if I could, now that I'm back in the arms of the one I love after a month of being away from home! :P