Monday, October 31, 2011

Mio x Alessa

I was 5 when I begged my mom to take me out of ballet & piano classes and just enroll me in an art workshop. She gave in, and got me a private art tutor (wow!). I was lucky that one of our neighbors was an art teacher. Teacher Beth taught me calligraphy when I was in kindergarten, and exposed me to still life and mixed media early on. 

Every Christmas, all I would ever ask from Santa were craft kits like those jewelry-making or paper-twilling sets. How lola can a 5-year-old be? But as an only child til I was 9, these art activities were my best friends. Maybe that's why I am naturally drawn to kids who love art--because I see a little bit of myself in them. I always try to give arts and crafts materials to my inaanaks on their birthdays as tools for creativity and fuel for imagination. And maybe because as I child, that's all I would look for inside those beautifully wrapped presents: paper and some paint/crayons. At 5, art was my life.

When Mio was 5, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. His mom Jasmine was a single mom then, and together with her other friends, we teamed up to form the Mio Warriors, a group with the goal of helping raise funds for Mio's medical bills. His mom would always proudly show us his drawings, so I suggested we raise funds through Mio's own art. I came up with the project: StART with Mio, which is a collaboration between Mio and other professional artists and designers. It was a huge success, and after almost two years, we decided it's time for another Mio art project.

I asked his Tita Clems to guide Mio in drawing out the alphabet + things that started with each letter. After a month of this art exercise, the drawings were passed on to me and I used them to create patterns for the notecards and notepads.

Greeting Cards
P350 per box of 10

Monogram vinyl stickers

Gift wrappers
Available at bazaars only
P250 for 10 pieces
(Delivery Orders:minimum of 100 pieces for P2,000)

Gift tags
10 tags for P50
Box of 100 tags for P300
(business card size)

Santa's Bazaar in La Vista, Dec. 10 & 11
Greenmeadows Bazaar, Dec. 17 & 18

You may also order the Mio Alphabet ONLINE.