Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello, Fall!

And Goodbye, Brogues! My shoes gave up on me. This is my last photo of them.
(Not too sad, though, because I have sparkly new gold ones. :P)

50-degree weather, pumpkins everywhere and, because it's in season, kale on sale!
By the way,YOU need to read this article: Kale is the New Beef!

And because I feel deprived (from real tats), I have this new habit of spotting cool tattoos on my classmates.Casette tape tatt in honor of her friend

Saw another one on my Knife Skills classmate that said "imagine" in a typewriter font. LOVE!
I wasn't able to take a photo of that, so here's one from Strawberry Fields (which is not really a field) in Central Park:
See, told ya, pumpkins everywhere.
My in-laws were in town so I took them to Brunch at Balthazar's in SoHo. The place was PACKED on a weekday.  In my book, restaurants that are open for breakfast get extra yum points.

I sinned and went across to Sur La Table after. You know how new moms are so zoned into baby stuff, almost forgetting to shop for themselves? Well, that's exactly how I feel about Pipino.
Aside from the random things I bought (like natural food coloring and organic extracts), I got a bunch of these mini cupcake tins. I put the regular sized cupcake liner (please excuse Dora & her pet, hehehe) so you can see how tiny the diameter is. They're be perfect for bite-sized treats. I'm making some for my friend's wedding next weekend!

Madison Square Park is so close to my school & it's my favorite lunch/dinner place now!
AsiaDog is here, and so is a yummy Hong Kong Food Stall. Lotsa veggie options. And it's right outside Eataly. I get so overwhelmed inside Eataly, so I'm happy this place is here. It's a welcome break from my usual vegan sandwiches from Terri's. Although that place deserves a post on its own, because with cooking school taking so much of my time right now, that place makes quick healthy delicious mealtime possible. And that is why I love it. :)

Beautiful and fragrant teas and spices in one stall at MSP.
It's just funny how the lady selling has a 10-foot long stick with a spoon at the end, and scoops up teas, sorta shoving it in your face. At least they smell good. haha

My comfort junk food in the city: a vegan hotdog from Crif Dogs.

Random cuteness: my nephew Hoops.
He loves putting things in his pocket. On the left, he's stuffing a leaf that he 'tore' from the plant. On the right are his prized possessions of the day: wooden train cars, a green crayon, a piece of wood, and a rock. Whhhhaaaaa???!! Haha. He's so cute!!!! Loved spending all that time with him in SF and Napa.

And another random thing: I dunno what it is with the weather, but I'm loving Pistachios right now!!
Peanut Butter - Pistachio Cream!! AAhhh!! Better than Nutella, I tell ya!!! Haha :P