Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Cakes and Party Preps

Celebrated my birthday with family and close friends at Tourne in BGC.
   It's a cute restaurant that changes menu twice a month.

Called in to check if they had veggie options. And they did!
Mushroom Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries and Vegetarian Lasagna

 No other way to celebrate than with the people I love the most. My robots were happy! :P

Next day, Chef Edward baked me a cake!After a rainy day of errands with Mom & PJ, we headed to Pipino for some champorado. We were greeted instead by this genius of a chocolate cake: Raspberry Walnut Praline Chocolate Cake that is VEGAN and made with coco sugar, and, as Ed says, a whole lotta looove.

 This cake is up there on my heavenly desserts list, together with Sofitel's Chocolate Chip Cookies. That says a lot, ha!! It was really delicious. Moist and gooey and everything that a good chocolate cake ought to be.

 And then a few days before my big party, I started on the giveaways. Made silver pendants with the initial of each guest! My hands and back hurt from all the hours working on them, but all I needed was my best bud's push, "It'll all be worth it!!" to keep me going.

Then made a little bit of watercolored typography, of course ;)

This green print was the theme. Made these to insert in little round tins for the pendants.

Thank you to Star and Del for helping me pack them last minute!! I was kinda going crazy at T-minus 30mins.

My giveaways: handmade & personalized recycled silver pendants/charms.

Up next: The Dinner Party!