Monday, October 31, 2011

Mio x Alessa

I was 5 when I begged my mom to take me out of ballet & piano classes and just enroll me in an art workshop. She gave in, and got me a private art tutor (wow!). I was lucky that one of our neighbors was an art teacher. Teacher Beth taught me calligraphy when I was in kindergarten, and exposed me to still life and mixed media early on. 

Every Christmas, all I would ever ask from Santa were craft kits like those jewelry-making or paper-twilling sets. How lola can a 5-year-old be? But as an only child til I was 9, these art activities were my best friends. Maybe that's why I am naturally drawn to kids who love art--because I see a little bit of myself in them. I always try to give arts and crafts materials to my inaanaks on their birthdays as tools for creativity and fuel for imagination. And maybe because as I child, that's all I would look for inside those beautifully wrapped presents: paper and some paint/crayons. At 5, art was my life.

When Mio was 5, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. His mom Jasmine was a single mom then, and together with her other friends, we teamed up to form the Mio Warriors, a group with the goal of helping raise funds for Mio's medical bills. His mom would always proudly show us his drawings, so I suggested we raise funds through Mio's own art. I came up with the project: StART with Mio, which is a collaboration between Mio and other professional artists and designers. It was a huge success, and after almost two years, we decided it's time for another Mio art project.

I asked his Tita Clems to guide Mio in drawing out the alphabet + things that started with each letter. After a month of this art exercise, the drawings were passed on to me and I used them to create patterns for the notecards and notepads.

Greeting Cards
P350 per box of 10

Monogram vinyl stickers

Gift wrappers
Available at bazaars only
P250 for 10 pieces
(Delivery Orders:minimum of 100 pieces for P2,000)

Gift tags
10 tags for P50
Box of 100 tags for P300
(business card size)

Santa's Bazaar in La Vista, Dec. 10 & 11
Greenmeadows Bazaar, Dec. 17 & 18

You may also order the Mio Alphabet ONLINE.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakfast Date: Milky & Sunny

Milky & Sunny is the newest hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Kapitolyo, joining other holes-in-the-wall (like Charlie's, Cafe Juanita, Rub, etc) to create a VERY big hole in the foodie-heart of Pasig. HAHAHA. I'm so smart. 

With all of them holes-in-the-wall (ok, I promise, that's the last time I'll say it) practically next to each other, you'd think it would be difficult to spot this place, but Milky & Sunny was screaming with perkiness and stood out from the drab concrete strip of East Capitol Drive.

It's a charming little place with an inviting facade and quirky but clean interiors, serving breakfast all day from 7am to 10pm (my kind of resto!). They're still on their 'soft opening' but service was pleasant enough on a busy Saturday morning.
I had the Potato-Eggplant Pancake, topped with corn salsa and cream.
Peej had the Breakfast Big Plate.
And we also shared this Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole.
Manila definitely needs more breakfast places for morning people like me, so thanks, Milky & Sunny, for filling in that haha, ok I won't say it!! :P

Milky & Sunny
9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Open 7am-10pm daily.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Very 'Local' Halloween Costumes

I just found out last night that we're attending a halloween party tonight. PANIC! #1, I don't have a costume. #2, It's gonna be a busy Saturday for me with 3 meetings today, so I don't have TIME to make a costume!! #3, I've been dreaming of lying in bed and watching dvd's all weekend...paano na yung plans ko?? we even have snacks already! haha, lola!

So while I think of and search for inspiration for our couple-costume, here are pics from a few hellaweens ago. Presenting, The Takatak Boy & The MMDA Officer.

PJ as Mr. MMDA, complete in full attire, including beer belly! Peej got the uniform when he featured the MMDA for one of the shows he did for TV5 before. And here I am, a cigarette/candy street vendor with my 'takatak box', San Miguel Beer t-shirt and arm sleeves! Take note, naka-pedicure and havaianas pa! May time and budget for parlor! Haha!

Our friend Carl mentioned that TakatakBoy and MMDA are the modern, Manila street version of Romeo&Juliet... Forbidden Love!!! Because my MMDA Man secretly allows me to sell in sidewalks and dares to risk his job for me!!! Awww, how shweeeeet.
So, I basically made this box and then came in my pambahay clothes. :P

I cut half of an old boardgame box, used recycled styro from packaging trash, made a clear candy bag (on the left side of photo), and wove rubber bands that held my lighter! And don't forget the folded bills! This Takatak Boy accepts P1,000 and P500 bills only. You see, I price my cigarettes really high so that people will not smoke. :P

"Excuse me, boy... este, miss... este....Basta! Bawal umistambay dito!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Work Website

I'm still updating, uploading and moving more portfolio work (from my old blog), but I'm just so happy that it's official and that I can finally announce it: I'm Running on Cargo! :)

After configuring DNS settings (I don't even know what that means..), I was finally able to link my domain name to my new work website.

Triumph @ Philippine Fashion Week

Our good friends from Leung De Leon Marketing invited us to the Triumph Fashion Show that celebrates the lingerie company's 125 years in the industry. The show was held last night at SMX.

Here I am with the guys (Rich, Ed and Ernest) who, of course, were all so excited.

The show started off with the spotlight on models who were actually seated with the audience.
I liked this collection best.
And then for the finale, the stage opened up for the star of the show, Ruffa!
Ernest, Chuckie and Ed, deep in discussion.
And then posed with big smiles when they caught me taking their photo!
Dared Rich to take a 'pervy' picture.But in all fairness to him, we were talking about his wedding and he was asking for wedding planning tips in between lingerie collections!! Great guy right there! haha
with my cousin Noelle from LDL. Check out her wonderful blog here!
I am also using a blue envelope clutch by my friend Tish.
spotted Muff and Don, too!

I was so hungry after the show, so we went to Sofitel and had dinner at Snaps Sports Bar. Then we headed over to the hotel's bakery Galette in Le Bar, because everything there (except for the chocolates) is half-off after 7pm.Spiral has moved up here, for the meantime. They still have the buffet's bestsellers and the price right now is a little bit cheaper: around P1400++ for the weekday buffet.

All I really wanted to get that night, though, were some chocolate chip cookies. But it was 10pm and they had already run out.These guys are crazier over dessert than most girls I know :PGot the goodies and headed home. Sweet night! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Napa & Bay Area Food Trip

Spent a week in the Bay Area and Napa with my (preggo) cousins Ate Ria and Rizza. Rizza & I flew in from LA with my nephew Hoops. (Yes, his name is really Hoops.) First stop: the candy store at SFO Airport!

We were so hungry, so immediately after dropping our bags at my cousins' apartment, we drove to Foster City for some Thai lunch.

Later in the day, my sis-in-law Elena & I spent a few hours shopping for the Lanot brothers at the strip mall in San Mateo. She flew back to Singapore that evening.
Since my cousins and I were all together that day, we decided to throw an impromptu baby shower for the preggos!
  We had make-your-own tacos and I baked vegan choco chip cookies.
Tom got some cupcakes from Sprinkles and we played some baby shower games!

The next day, we drove to Napa.
Ate Ria planned our whole weekend. I was so excited for this trip!
Spent the entire time in the downtown area.

And we made it just in time for our reservation at Ubuntu...
...where I was about to experience the most amazing vegetarian meal of my life.

The restaurant is so nice, I bet no one cares that it's actually vegetarian!!

Some appetizers: olives, crusted almonds and freshly baked bread

And then the REAL feast begins!
We chose to get the two Prix Fixe sets and shared it among ourselves.
(Hoopies had the mac & cheese.)
Summer Squash and 24-hour "Ox Heart" Carrots in a Cool Salad
Flavors of Yellow Thai Curry, Hazelnut-Coconut Crumble, Basil and Mint

Chilled Cantaloupe and Sage Gazpacho infused with Roasted Corn Husks
Spicy Charred Lime Peanuts, Pickled Watermelon Rind, Shiso Oil

Arbuckle Grits cooked with Goat's Milk Whey, Peach-Pistachio-Basil Bud Soffrito
Pickled Green Tomato and Peach Salad with Noyaux Oil, Whipped Goat's Milk

Warm Foccacia with Eggplant, Ground Cherry and Espelette Capponatta
Bronze Fennel spiced Eggplant, pickled 'Eisley Wax' Peppers, Ricotta

Silverado Trail Strawberry Pudding
Rhubarb Jam & Pickles, Cucumber Granita

Meyer Lemon Cake with Black Olive Caramel
Slow Roasted Apricots and Wild Plums, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sorbet


At check-in time, we headed to our hotel, Avia.

   It's a charming boutique hotel on First Street.

Cute bathtub in the room!
   I'm definitely doing this rotating TV for our studio.

Words behind the TV.

For dinner, we headed across the street to Oenotri.They make their own pasta and pizza here!

Started it off with Fig & Arugula Salad
 And this is whatever was left of my pizza. It was soooo good!Donuts. We ordered two plates of these. Oops!
Hoops keeps many things in his pocket.
 Like train cars, a green crayon, leaves, a piece of wood, and rocks. Cute!
   He also likes to slurp his milk like a kitty.

There's a cool design gallery beside the resto. Too bad it was closed then. (It was a Sunday)

We checked out the next morning, and on our way to the market, we saw this!
Train-freak Hoops freaked out!
AWWW, it was closed, too!!!

So we headed on to Oxbow Market.
Bought some Olive Oil spray and other ingredients for baking here!
And how cute are these doggie treats??
Before heading home, we had some of the most amazing garlic fries ever to land on my mouth. And we all shared that cornmeal & veggie sandwich. But those yuca fries!!!! Aaaahhh..
 See ya later, Napa!

That evening, my cousins Denise & Francis picked me up for some foodtruck grub.
We ate at the Korean truck.And got some cream puffs from the surfer boys.

Next day, we visited my friends Pepel, Pat and their new baby Viviana!
Look at that cutie!And check out Pepel's herb garden and their awesome view.
He even gave me some herbs and organic squash to take home.

We stopped for dinner on our way back home.Best Vegan Pho! From La Sen in Fremont.

1450 First Street, Napa, CA

1140 Main Street, Napa, CA

610 & 644 First Street, Napa, CA

Fremont Hub Shopping Center
181 Fremont Hub Courtyard, Fremont, CA

1457 Beach Park Blvd, San Mateo, CA

Food Trucks