Thursday, October 6, 2011

Joketime before Bedtime

Last night, after a roundup of the busy first workday of the week and before going to bed, ze H and I talked about one of my most favorite topics in the world: Pinoy Jokes! (It's probably one of the few topics that can make me stay up past my bedtime of 10pm. haha, lola!)

My teenage years were spent hanging out with the men (not boys, because they were 6-8 years older than I was) in our neighborhood. We spent so many afternoons hanging out, doing absolutely nothing. No money, no problems -- just good clean fun until it was time for basketball at 4pm, when the sun wasn't too high anymore. They all treated me like their little sister--a little sister with whom they could share bottles of beer, "jungle juice" (the group's favorite rum, coke and pineapple juice mixture) and the greenest jokes. After every afternoon with the boys, I had at least three new jokes to take home with me. And because of that, last night, I beat PJ in terms of quantity and quality of jokes. Hah! (I swear, I'm funnier than him; he just delivers the jokes -- sometimes, MY jokes! -- better.) :P

Pinoy Jokes are so different from the way jokes are told in other countries--there's a slow build-up and half the funny has to be credited to randomness and delivery.

Last night, we covered the best of the best:
- Pa-Galingan Contests (where is it most usually held in Araneta Coliseum, where there is an American, Japanese/German, and then the Pinoy, who always wins in the joke). You have the Padamihan ng Anak, Padumihan ng Brip, Padirian, Padamihan ng Ihi, etc, etc.
- (the legendary) Boy Bastos. Before there was Barney of How I Met Your Mother, there was, is and will be, Boy Bastos.
- Royalty jokes, as in make-believe Prinsipe, Prinsesa, Hari, Reyna types
- Erap Jokes
- Ngo-ngo Jokes

...and many more politically incorrect jokes (some of which I invented--yes, invented--when I was in high school.)

We laughed sooo hard we drained the rest of the energy we had left from the busy day. And just like that, all worries were forgotten. Comforted by the fact that we had each other, and that we will always have laughter, we fell asleep.