Monday, October 3, 2011

I live for weekends like this one:

My cousins Ate Ria and Marc from the States are here in Manila for a week-long visit and this is one of the things they brought home for me: my favorite super chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods. 
(Someday, I will bake a batch of cookies as delicious as these ones...)

We stayed over at Sofitel for the weekend, had dinner AND breakfast at Spiral
(only THE best buffet in Manila).
16 different bottles of champagne for brunch. You can make your own mimosas! :P

For breakfast, I usually head to the Japanese section where I get some noodles to which I add on some soy-sesame dressing, raddish, seawead, and a couple of tofu blocks. But this time, I had to go back to the dessert table because those pink donuts just looked too cute to ignore!

That afternoon, we went to The Farm in Batangas...

...which is the home of this awesome restaurant, Alive!
It was my second time here, and it's a glorious vegan feast every meal time.
See amazing live food porn below:

Raw coconut crackers with salsa

Iced Lemon and Ginger drink

Mixed salad with orange balsamic dressing and cashew cheese

Raw coconut & pineapple cheesecake

For breakfast: granola, cereal and bananas

Penne with tomatoes and onion paste, with shaved raw "parmesan" cashew cheese. AAAAhhmazing.

Big Smile. The food made me so happy!

Cute wooden doors to our villa.

 Leaf imprints on the cement.

Pretty flower mandalas everywhere.

   An "open" shower inside the villas.

My view at 7:30am at the amphitheater, where all the yoga sessions are held.

Chef Lucring, who taught us how to make 5 raw dishes. (yay!)

Spreading the coconut cream on the dehydrator tray to make crepes.

Flaxseed-corn crackers with Zucchini hummus.

We also had reflexology "massage under the stars" at their spa.
My masseuse began the session by whispering in my ear,
"Relax your mind, forget your worries. All is well."



The Farm at San Benito, Batangas